I Kings 17-II Kings 10 sermons

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The introduction and preaching schedule for this section of the book of Kings is here.

1. I Kings 17:1-18:16 Jeremy Jackson (There shall be neither dew nor rain these years) 4-18-10
2. I Kings 18:17-46 Stefan Matzal (How long will you go limping between different positions?) 4-25-10
3. I Kings 19 Jeremy Jackson (The sound of a low whisper) 5-2-10
4. I Kings 20 Doug Weeks (You shall know that I am the LORD) 5-9-10
5. I Kings 21 Stefan Matzal (I will give you the vineyard of Naboth) 5-16-10
6. I Kings 22:1-40 John Hartung (I saw all Israel scattered ... as sheep that have no shepherd) 5-23-10
7. I Kings 22:41-II Kings 1:18 Jeremy Jackson (Is it because there is no God in Israel?) 5-30-10
8. II Kings 2 Stefan Matzal (The spirit of Elijah rests upon Elisha) 6-6-10
9. II Kings 3 Jeremy Jackson (Is there no prophet of the LORD here?) 6-13-10
10. II Kings 4 Doug Weeks (This is a holy man of God) 6-20-10
11. II Kings 5 Jeremy Jackson (I know that there is no God in all the earth but in Israel) 6-27-10
12. II Kings 6:1-23 Doug Weeks (Please open his eyes that he may see) 7-4-10
13. II Kings 6:24-7:20 Jeremy Jackson (Could such a thing be?) 7-11-10
14. II Kings 8 Doug Weeks (Tell me all the great things that Elisha has done) 7-18-10
15. II Kings 9 Stefan Matzal (In accordance with the word of the LORD) 7-25-10
16. II Kings 10 Stefan Matzal (He struck down all who remained to Ahab) 8-1-10

Jeremy Jackson preached on I Kings 16:29-17:24 in the 1981 eschatology series

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