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This is the archive for sermons from Trinity Fellowship in Syracuse, New York. Most of the current sermons are preached by the elders of the congregation: Jeremy Jackson, Stefan Matzal, Doug Weeks, and Nathaniel Jackson (with Al Gurley preaching a lot of the earlier ones, as one of the three founding elders). Audio for other sermons by current members, former members, and guest preachers is included only if I have either permission from the preacher or an okay from one of the current elders to put it up without permission.

With some exceptions, Trinity Fellowship preaches from the gospels in the winter, historical books in the spring, epistles in the summer, and prophets in the fall. In earlier years, the schedule was slightly different, and topical series sometimes occur in place of one of the others (but only once in place of a gospel) during a break between books. Acts was done during the epistle segments, and wisdom books are being covered in prophet segments. Revelation's early chapters were done as if epistles, because of the prominence of the letters to the churches. The rest of the book was done as prophecy.

I have organized the list according to the four sections of preaching for individual quarters. For a chronological listing of all the sermon series, with topical sermons interspersed, seer the listings for 1978-2000 and 2001-present.

Historical Books
Joshua (June-September 1978) [recordings begin with Joshua 8:30]
Judges (July-September 1979)
Genesis 1-11 (September-December 1980)
Genesis 12-26 (September-December 1981)
Genesis 27-36 (September-December 1982)
Genesis 37-50 (September 1983-January 1984)
Exodus 1-14 (September-December 1984)
Exodus 15-24 (September-December 1985)
Exodus 25-40 (September-December 1986)
Leviticus 1-16 (September-December 1987)
Leviticus 17-27 (September-December 1988)
Numbers 1:1-10:10 (May-July 1990)
Numbers 10:11-22:1 (April-July 1991)
Numbers 22-36 (May-July 1992)
Deuteronomy 1-11 (April-July 1994)
Deuteronomy 12-26 (April-August 1995)
Deuteronomy 27-34 (April-June 1996)
Joshua 1-12 (May-Sept 1998)
Joshua 13-24 (Apr-June 1999)
Judges 1-9 (May-July 2000)
Judges 10-21 (April-July 2001)
Ruth (April-June 2002)
1 Samuel 1-12 (April-July 2004)
1 Samuel 13 to 2 Samuel 1 (April-July 2005)
2 Samuel 2-10,22 (April-July 2006)
2 Samuel 11-21,23-24 (May-July 2007)
1 Kings 1-16 (April-August 2009)
1 Kings 17-2 Kings 10 (April-August 2010)
2 Kings 11-25 (May-August 2011)
Ezra (April-June 2013)
Nehemiah (April-July 2014)
Esther (Spring 2015)

Wisdom and Prophets
Jeremiah topical sermons (October-December 1978)
Haggai and Zechariah (October-December 1979)
Amos (July-September 1980)
Hosea (July-September 1982)
Isaiah 1-12 (July-September 1983)
Isaiah 13-27 (July-September 1984)
Isaiah 28-39 (June-September 1985)
Isaiah 40-48 (June-September 1986)
Isaiah 49-57 (July-September 1987)
Isaiah 58-66 (July-September 1988)
Song of Solomon and Lamentations (September to December 1989)
Jeremiah 1-10 (September-December 1990)
Jeremiah 11-25 (September-December 1991)
Jeremiah 26-36 (September-December 1992)
Jeremiah 37-52 (September-December 1993)
Ezekiel 1-19 (September-December 1995)
Ezekiel 20-32 (September-December 1996)
Ezekiel 33-48 (September-December 1997)
Daniel 1-6 (September-November 1998)
Daniel 7-12 (October-December 1999)
Revelation 6-16 (September-December 2000) [for chs.1-5 see under epistles]
Revelation 17-22 (September-December 2001)
Haggai and Zechariah 1-8 (September-December 2002)
Zechariah 9-14 and Malachi (September-December 2003)
Hosea (September-December 2005)
Micah (November-December 2006)
Amos (September-November 2007)
Jonah, Nahum, Obadiah (October-December 2008)
Habakkuk, Zephaniah, Joel (September-December 2009)
Proverbs 1-9 (September-December 2011)
Ecclesiastes (September-December 2012)
Isaiah 1-12 (September-December 2013)
Isaiah 13-27 (September-December 2014)
Isaiah 28-39 (September-December 2015)

Mark (February-March 1978) [only two sermons recorded]
John (January-April 1979)
Luke (January-April 1980)
Matthew 1-7 + others (January-April 1981)
Mark topical sermons (January-April 1982)
John 1-12,18-21 (January-April 1983)
Luke: The Distinctives and Uniqueness of Christ (January-April 1984)
Matthew 19:13-28:20 (January-April 1985)
Questions in the Gospel of Luke (January-April 1987)
John 1-6 (January-April 1988)
John 7-12 (January-April 1989)
John 13-17 (January-April 1990)
John 18-21 (January-March 1991)
Mark 1-5 (January-April 1992)
Mark 6-10 (January-April 1993)
Mark 11-16 (January-April 1994)
Matthew 1-7 (December 1994-April 1995)
Matthew 8-13 (January-April 1996)
Matthew 14-20 (January-March 1997)
Matthew 21-28 (January-April 1998)
Luke 1-8 (November 1998-April 1999)
Luke 9-14 (January-April 2000)
Luke 15:1-20:44 (January-April 2001)
Luke 20:45-24:53 (January-April 2002)
John 1-4 (January-April 2003)
John 5-8 (January-April 2004)
John 9-12 (January-March 2005)
John 13-17 (January-April 2006)
John 18-21 (January-April 2007)
Matthew 1-7 (December 2007-April 2008)
Matthew 8-13 (January-April 2009)
Matthew 14:1-20:28 (January-April 2010)
Matthew 20:29-25:46 (January-April 2011)
Matthew 26-28 (January-April 2012)
Mark 1-4 (January-March 2013)
Mark 5:1-9:1 (January-April 2014)
Mark 9:2-12:27 (January-April 2015)
Mark 12:28-16:8 (January-March 2016)

Acts and Epistles

1 Thessalonians (April-May 1978) [not recorded]
Acts 13-14 (May-June 1978) [not recorded]
1 Timothy (May-June 1979)
Hebrews (April-July 1980)
Galatians (May-June 1981)
Romans 1-8 (April-June 1982)
Romans 9-16 (April-June 1983)
James (May-July 1984)
1 John (April-June 1985)
Acts 1:1-4:31 (April-June 1986)
Acts 4:32-12:25 (May-July 1987)
Acts 13:1-19:20 (April-June 1988)
Acts 19:21-28:31 (June-September 1989)
2 Timothy (July-September 1991)
1 Corinthians 1-4 (July-September 1992)
1 Corinthians 5-11 (April-August 1993)
1 Corinthians 12-16 (July-October 1994)
2 Corinthians 1:1-7:4 (June-September 1996)
2 Corinthians 7:5-13:14 (April-June 1997)
Revelation 1-5 (July-September 1999) [treated as epistle; rest of book treated as prophecy]
2 Thessalonians [with 1 Thessalonians 4:13-5:11] (July-September 2001)
Titus (July-August 2002)
Ephesians 1-3 (May-August 2003)
Ephesians 4-6 (July-October 2004)
1 Peter 
(July-October 2006)
2 Peter (August-September 2007)
Galatians (June-October 2008)
Philippians (August-October 2010)
Colossians (June-August 2012)
Philemon, Jude, 2 John, 3 John (July-August 2013)
1 Thessalonians (August-September 2014)
1 Timothy (June-Septmber 2015)

Topical Series
Individual Topical Sermons (September 1978-July 1981)
End Times [Eschatology] (July-September 1981)
Individual Topical Sermons (September 1981-January 1986)
Basic Overview of the Christian Life (January-April 1986)
Individual Topical Sermons (October 1986-December 1988)
Lord's Prayer, Holy Spirit, Encouragement (April-June 1989)
Individual Topical Sermons (August 1989-April 1990)
A Selection of Our Convictions (July-September 1990)
Individual Topical Sermons (October 1990-October 1994)
Missions (November 1994)
Individual Topical Sermons (April 1995-May 1997)
Being Distinctively Christian (July-September 1997)
Individual Topical Sermons (October-December 1997)
Final Destinies (April-May 1998)
Individual Topical Sermons (August 1998-October 2004)
Some Things We Believe [Apostles' Creed] (November-December 2004)
Individual Topical Sermons (April 2005-October 2007)
The Ten Words of Life [Ten Commandments: Exodus 20:1-17] (April-June 2008)
Individual Topical Sermons (August 2008-April 2009)
The Church [Ecclesiology] (August 2009)
Individual Topical Sermons (November 2009-October 2010)
Spiritual Disciplines (November-December 2010)
Individual Topical Sermons (December 2010-January 2012)
Marriage, Singleness, and Parenting (April-May 2012)
Individual Topical Sermons (September 2012-present)
Topical sermon series TBA (Spring 2016)

Please let me know (leave a comment below or on any individual posts, or use the email link under Contact, near the top of the sidebar) if you find anything that doesn't work right.

It's organized by sermon series. The main gaps at this point are from sermons by guest preachers who haven't given permission to post their sermons and unrecorded sermons, primarily in the earliest months of Trinity Fellowship.

Tuesday Night Bible Studies

Trinity Fellowship has a Tuesday night Bible study group that's met since 1972, about six years before the church even formed. The vast majority of these Bible studies have not been recorded, but for certain periods of time an enterprising member has been willing to record a series or some individual studies.

I will not be posting all of the studies of biblical books that we have copies of, because most of them have been superseded by later sermons, and those are available above. I am recording them to digital audio files for preservation in our archives, but Jeremy Jackson has decided not to have them posted, with the exception of one series.

We have Micah and Philippians from 1985, but Micah was done more thoroughly in sermons in 2006 (see above under Prophets and Wisdom), and Philippians was done more thoroughly in sermons in 2010 (see above under Acts and Epistles). We also have Revelation from 1989-1991, but those were done in sermons from 1999-2001 (see above, both under Acts and Epistles and under Prophets and Wisdom Literature). I have been recording the current Acts studies, begun in the spring of 2012, but Jeremy prefers to have just the sermons from the 1986-1989 online to represent Acts. Update: I also have recordings of a study on Jonah from 2014, but the same is true of those. The sermons from 2008 cover that book.]

The Romans studies from 1987-1989 are much more in-depth than the sermons from 1982-1983. [There were some Romans studies in 2010-2011, and I have recordings of about half of those, but Jeremy Jackson prefers the 1987-1989 set, which contains more detail in addition to a few topically-oriented studies of the theology of Romans and foreknowledge in Romans 9-11. So the more recent, but incomplete and less-detailed, Romans studies will also remain in the archives. I can make any of these available to anyone by request, but Jeremy prefers to have sermons represent these books online, with the exception of the 1987-1989 Romans studies. The only other studies he would have been happy to have online were the Job studies of 1995-1996, but those were not recorded. I do have his summary notes on those studies below. Update: Since Trinity Fellowship has never preached on Esther, the recordings I have of the 2014 studies on Esther are now being added.]

So here are the Bible studies that are available online:

Topical Bible studies (mostly from 1985-1986, but there is one each from 1979, 1989, 1990, and 1995)

Romans Bible studies (from 1987-1989)

notes on Job (from 1995-1996 studies, notes finalized in this form in 2001)

Esther Bible studies (from 2014)

Studies on Selected Psalms (from 2015)


Given the number of sermons you've posted, there's a lot to wade through. Is there anywhere in particular you'd suggest we start? Any particular sermon or series that stands out? I realize that might be hard, but I figured I'd ask.

For someone like you, I'd say start with something you're less familiar with. I've been listening to old series to fill in my own gaps in books that I've never done in a Bible study, read commentaries on, or heard sermons on. I'm in the middle of Jeremiah right now. (Those will be up soon, actually. I'm waiting on two missing tapes from the backup tape library that I didn't even know existed until a few days ago. One of them is the missing first tape, so I wanted that there before I go live with the first set. Except for the four sermons on those two tapes, I've got the entire set digitized.)

Good advice. Zephaniah, here I come!

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