John 5-8 sermons (2004)

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The introduction and preaching schedule for this sermon set is here.

John 7:53-8:11 isn't in the oldest manuscripts of the Gospel of John, and in some manuscripts it's in a different spot. It's even in one manuscript of the Gospel of Luke. The scholarly consensus holds that it was never originally part of the Gospel of John, but the elders of Trinity Fellowship took the view that God probably intended us to have it and concluded that it's entirely consistent with what we know about Jesus from writings that are unambiguously part of the New Testament scriptures, so they were willing to preach the text but took it separately at the end of this series rather than disrupting the flow of John's gospel, where it doesn't really belong.

1. John 5:1-18 "Making himself equal to God" Jeremy Jackson 1-4-04
2. John 5:19-29 "Honor the Son ... honor the Father" Stefan Matzal 1-11-04
3. John 5:30-47 "The Father has sent me" Jeremy Jackson 1-18-04
4. John 6:1-21 "Jesus withdrew ... Jesus ... drawing near" Jeremy Jackson 1-25-04
5. John 6:22-34 "Believe in him whom [God] has sent" Jeremy Jackson 2-1-04
6. John 6:35-48 "I am the living bread" Stefan Matzal 2-8-04
7. John 6:49-59 "Eat the flesh... drink the blood" Jeremy Jackson 2-15-04
8. John 6:60-71 "Many of his disciples drew back" Jeremy Jackson 2-22-04
9. John 7:1-18 "Learning when he has never studied" Doug Weeks 2-29-04
10. John 7:19-36 "Do not judge by appearances" Jeremy Jackson 3-7-04
11. John 7:37-52 "Come to me and drink" Jeremy Jackson 3-14-04
12. John 8:12-20 "I am the light of the world" Jeremy Jackson 3-21-04
13. John 8:21-32 "The truth will make you free" Bill Greenman 3-28-04
14 John 8:33-47 "I proceeded and came forth from God" Stefan Matzal 4-4-04
15. John 8:48-59 "My Father ... glorifies me" Jeremy Jackson 4-11-04 [Easter Sunday]
16. John 7:53-8:11 "Neither do I condemn you" Doug Weeks 4-18-04

The 1979 series on John's gospel contained one sermon on chapters 5-6.
The 1983 series on John's gospel contained three sermons on these chapters.
Jeremy Jackson preached on John 8:31-38 in 1986. See this topical series.
Chapters 5-6 were previously covered in 1988.
Chapters 7-8 were previously covered in 1989.

For more sermons, see here.

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