Hosea Sermons (2005)

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Thanks for posting these. Two questions:

1) Do/will you ever preach?

2) Is there a reason why your church doesn't post their sermons on their website?

They've never asked me to preach. They elders have been especially careful to avoid giving me high time-commitment responsibilities. That might change once I'm done with my dissertation, which looks like it might be only a few more months, but I don't expect to be taking on large ministry tasks with great frequency. The elders in my congregation wean people onto public ministry responsibilities with great slowness (I think wisely).

I've talked to the elders several times about finding ways to put sermons online, and they're not motivated to do anything about it. There isn't enough space to host much audio at the church's website. We've been resorting to proprietary sites with passwords distributed over an internal email list for the congregation to access sermons, because that's what the people willing to put any effort into it have come up with, but I think they ought to be online without a need for such barriers. No one's resisted this, so it's not as if I'm going against the wishes of the elders or anything, but it's just that no one's been motivated to do anything to make them more accessible.

Congrats on being nearly done with your dissertation. We'll throw a party when you're done.

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