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Welcome to the 359th Christian Carnival. The Christian Carnival is a weekly collection of blog posts by Christian authors (understood as those who affirm the historic creeds agreed upon by Protestants, Roman Catholics, and Orthodox).

If you have a blog and fit that criterion, and you want to submit a post for next week's carnival, see the submissions info here (but keep in mind that the dates in that post are for the week when I wrote that post).

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The current hosting schedule is here, and it's badly in need of more hosts. As I write this, we've got one host scheduled for next week, and that's it. So if you're interested in hosting, please email me by using the link in the sidebar.

On to the Carnival...

Joe Plemon offers The Problem With Tithing Your Time posted at Personal Finance By The Book.Tithing one's time sounds like a reasonable thing to do when money is tight. However, there are some problems with this practice.

BWL looks at one woman's story of obedience to God and how it led to paying cash for her home at Paying Cash For A Home & God  at Christian Personal Finance.

Diane R presents The White Horse Inn Poll--What Do Evangelicals Really Believe? at Crossroads: Where Faith and Inquiry Meet, saying, "The folks at the White Horse Inn radio program are at it again. They've taken another poll of evangelicals and their beliefs. Do you agree with the results?"

William Green gives us A discussion about Biblical slavery at Weblog of a Christian philosophy student, saying, "After someone criticised the God of the Bible for allowing or even endorsing slavery, I pointed out that there are a lot of things you can say on the topic in God's defense."

Barry Wallace has an excerpt from J.C. Ryle's classic book Holiness in Searching, sifting words at who am i?.

It wouldn't be Christmas if some of us didn't take the season (and its casual non-observance) too seriously. Relax and reflect on how the war on Christmas is making some of us a little too

contentious. Dave Taylor's submisson is 'Tis the Season to Get Even: Last Minute Gifts for the Christmas Warrior on Your List, at Disciple's Journal.

Violet N. presents Life reno  at Other Food: daily devo's, saying, "Picture your life as a house. Does it need a renovation? Discover how the Holy Spirit is the One to do the job."

Why do people walk away looking damaged from encountering God? Dan Lower response in Jacob's Hip at keyboard theologians.

From Craig Balben we have Christmas: A Prelude to Easter posted at Diving Into Home.

Rey Reynoso offers a satirical piece making fun of the folk who conceptualize Jesus' humanity by making positive statements based completely on our foibles in Was Jesus Upset About Santa? at The Bible Archive.

Russ White has The Faith of Mary at Thinking in Christ.

I haven't had time during this past heavy-grading work to write any posts here, let me offer you Job and Skeptical Theism at the philosophy of religion blog Prosblogion, where I raise a question about whether  the book of Job's response to the problem of evil is what contemporary philosophers are calling Skeptical Theism (and if those who deny that view therefore must reject the book's teaching).

I usually separate out posts that are out of range of the past week but not unreasonably so, in order to give priority to the posts that really are from the last week (which is what this Carnival is for). But one submission falling outside the range might be worth your time, and here it is:

Bernice Frankel lists Top 50 Blogs by Theology Professors at Master of Theology, saying, "You might think that professors would have little time for blogs, but it appears that many theology professors use their blogs to announce news, to test out new theories about religious faith, practice, experience and spirituality, and for communicating with students and peers."

When I host the Christian Carnival, I usually throw in a few ringers from people who didn't submit posts if I read anything during the week worth directing readers to.

My cousin Danny Pierce is participating in the ZECNT Blog Tour. The ZECNT is a new commentary series from Zondervan, and they've sent out review copies to people (I wish I could be one of them) who have the time to read some of their newer volumes and review them. Danny tackles Grant Osborne's new Matthew commentary. His first post is here.

Henry Neufeld is also participating, and he reviews Craig Blomberg and Marian Kamell's ZECNT commentary on James.

Marcus Maher is a third participant in the ZECNT Blog Tour, but his best post this past week is Divine Sovereignty, Human Responsibility, and the Problem of Evil part 2. Part 1 is worth reading too, but that wasn't this week. Marcus has thought more deeply about this than just about anyone I know, and I know plenty of philosophers who have thought about it quite a lot.

Collin Hansen has some thoughts on pastors who plagiarize in their sermons, with links to reflections on the subject by D.A. Carson, Sandy Wilson, Tim Keller, Matt Perman, and Glenn Lucke.

George Guthrie writes about The Spiritual Disciplines of a Book Release.

Justin Taylor gives a short reflection by David Powlison from the ESV study Bible on How Do You Apply the Geneaologies and Censuses of the Bible to Your Life?

Mark Heath reflects on Pure Religion in James 1:27.

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