Christian Carnival CCCXXXVIII

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Welcome to the 338th Christian Carnival. For more information on the Christian Carnival, see here. There weren't as many submissions this week as there have usually been, although there were quite a bit more than usual spam submissions. Maybe it's just that time of the summer in the northern hemisphere (where most of our activity happens to be located). As I usually do, I've included submissions whose dates are before this week's carnival period in a second section after the posts from this week. I also usually throw in a few posts that weren't submitted that might be worth your attention, and those appear at the end.
Joe Plemon says, "Your physical heart and your spiritual heart are both totally unique. Why? Because the same God created them both." See what he means in Go Ahead and Follow Your Heart. God Wants You To. at Personal Finance By The Book.

THV presents a bunch of scriptures to read for encouragement when suffering from sickness in Bible Scriptures To Reference When Needing Healing at Healing Verses.

Trent Cotton says, "I oftentimes find myself going through a period of desolation in my daily walk. Granted, most of the time I arrive at one of these points is due to my sin causing a great abyss between Jesus and me. There are times, however, that the slightly standoff feeling arises,do you ever experience this? Let me explain." See his explanation in 40 Days in a Desert at Christian Men-Christian Warriors.

Westboro Baptist Church deserves the scorn of its critics, but some of the things being criticized and made fun of probably shouldn't be. My post this week is Westboro Baptist Church [sic] protests.

Rey Reynoso this week gives us A Look At Balaam at The Bible Archive, which curiously enough, is about the false prophet Balaam in Numbers 22-24, who is forced by God to give true and good prophecies about Israel after being hired by Balak to curse them.

Ridge Burns sens in Hometown at Ridge's Blog. At Boston Bible Geeks.

Brian Marchionni presents Taking a Deep Breath with a Difficult Text, that difficult text being Eph 4:8, where Paul seems to misquote a psalm.

Weekend Fisher concludes a series on whether the Bible is comparable to the Book of Mormon in The Book of Mormon and the Bible: Series Conclusion at Heart, Mind, Soul, and Strength.

Now for the posts that are technically out-of-range and would have been good submissions for last week or the week before but sent in this week:

FMF has 13 Timeless Finance Tips from The Bible at Free Money Finance.

Michael Beck says, "This past weekend, I attended Vision Forum's "The Baby Conference." The theme was "The Triumph of Life over the Culture of Death." (If you're not familiar with Vision Forum, they are an organization that provide books, DVDs, and other materials to help Christian homeschoolers.) I have to admit, it was my wife's idea to go and I figured it would be a pretty boring event for me. Wow, what a surprise I was in for. " See Insights from The Baby Conference | Theological Thoughts at Theological Thoughts.

Autumn Beck says, "Who'd want to miss that?! This was our first conference of any kind outside of chiropractic. Despite my nerves over how my children would behave, I had an extremely blessed time. " See My Top 10 list from the Baby Conference at Homeschooling In Kerrville.


At Between Two Worlds, Justin Taylor posts a section of a David Powlison essay on Can You Change What You Want?

Mark Heath at Word and Spirit is doing an ongoing series on Esther. Check out Esther and Beauty.


Thanks for putting this together. You do have a formatting issue, though, right around my boy Brian Marchionni's post from BBG. Just so you know. Thanks again, good work.

Thanks for hosting and including my post. Much appreciated.

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