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student comment in response to the idea that there might be a bad afterlife for bad people:

Furthermore, it is hard to believe that a higher being would wish for the suffrage of mankind, because any higher being would be above that and not involve themselves in petty nonsense.

I agree that a higher being would be above giving us suffrage. After all, wouldn't a higher being know better than us? Giving us a voting role in ultimate decisions wouldn't really serve any good. I don't see how it would be petty, though, and I don't see how this point supports the idea that there couldn't be a bad afterlife. That a higher being would be above giving us suffrage actually supports the possibility of a bad afterlife despite our protests, since it doesn't matter whether we approve.


Is English this student's second language? If so, it's a little less painful.

Then again, I had a professor in seminary who learned English as a second language and had a far greater vocabulary than all of us native English speakers. He would become visibly annoyed when a student would ask him to define an English word in class, using retorting "it's in your dictionary" with the emphasis on the "your." It made for fun times.

I'm pretty sure this was from a native English speaker. I have no reason to think otherwise, anyway. I wouldn't have posted it to my blog if it had been a second-language case, at least without noting that there might be a good reason the student wouldn't have an excellent command of English. This is probably someone who saw the word 'suffrage' somewhere, didn't know what it meant, and assumed it was a more sophisticated-sounding synonym for suffering. Many student writing problems come from trying to sound more sophisticated or more intellectual but failing to do so.

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