Christian Carnival CCCXXVIII

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Welcome to the 328th Christian Carnival.

The Christian Carnival is a weekly collection of some of the best posts of the Christian blogosphere. It's open to Christians of Protestant, Orthodox, and Roman Catholic convictions. One of the goals of this carnival is to offer our readers to a broad range of Christian thought. This is a great way to make your writing more well known and perhaps pick up some regular readers. For examples of past carnivals, see the Christian Carnival archive, and for more information on participating you can see this post and the links therein.

I've had a lot less time this week than I expected, so I'm interested more in getting the links together for everyone's posts and less on how I present the information. It's the posts themselves that should matter most anyway. I've been a little more stringent with the rules this time around, excluding any post that's outside the dates for the past week. If you submitted a post that you posted before last Wednesday, and you don't see it here, it's because it's ineligible for this carnival. Sometimes I give a few grace days and accept late submissions for the previous week, but this time around I chose getting the carnival posted in a timely manner over bending the rules to make the carnival larger.

There was also one post whose date I could not determine, and one person submitted two posts from the same blog and same author, but neither had permalinks for individual posts (at least the ones given didn't work, and the main page of the blog didn't have links for them that I could find).

I've arranged the submissions in the order I received them, and I've not followed my usual practice of selecting a few other posts from the Christian blogosphere to include despite their not being submitted. I've had a lot less time to read blogs lately, and I haven't actually had a chance in the past week to check in at my favorite Christian blogs that don't usually submit posts.

So without further ado, on to the Carnival...
Roy Twogood Jr. presents The War of Sugar-Coated Deception posted at OLIN e-Book e-Publishing.

Andrea @ Unfailingly Loved presents Postage Stamp Insecurities posted at Unfailingly Loved. "Could God use my insecurities for something good? I believe so -- I believe He has." 

BWL presents How Do You Respond to Impossible Challenges? posted at Christian Personal Finance. A look at how a few people responded to an impossible challenge when Jesus was present... 

Barry Wallace presents What are your 10 all-time favorite movies? posted at who am i?. "Join in on the fun!" 

Danny presents The 12 Tribes in Revelation 7 posted at Boston Bible Geeks. Rather than assuming the list of the 12 tribes of Israel in Revelation 7 is the same as any other list, looking carefully may reveal something important to the author's goal. This post looks at the question: why are Ephraim and Dan left out?

Rodney Olsen presents Heroin to Hope posted at RodneyOlsen.Net. From being a 15 year old athlete to an 18 year old heroin addict, Jade's life still had plenty of twists and turns to come. She's now an author, mentor and motivational speaker.

Is it "contending for the faith" or fear that motivates us to criticize each other the way we do in the body of Christ? Dave Taylor at Disciple's Journal gives us What Would Jesus Bark? (and other tidbits of tabloid theology).

Ridge Burns presents Ash Cloud posted at Ridge's Blog. When our lives are disrupted, God remains constant. 

Michelle presents The Best Kind of Encouragement posted at And She Went Out...

Violet N. presents Come! posted at Other Food: daily devo's. Explore all the wonderful ways God says "Come!"

Diane Roberts of Crossroads gives us Why We Want to Help the Poor. Why all of this frenzy in our churches to help the poor?

Finally, my own post this week is The Author Theodicy. One of the executive producers of the television show LOST gave an interesting explanation of why they killed off some main characters last week, and it reminded me of the kind of thing some thinkers have said in response to the problem of evil.

That's it for this episode. Next week look for Christian Carnival 329 at Thinking in Christ: Christian Thinking in an Emoting World.

OK, here are some of the posts that were from the previous week's time frame (or of unclear time frame).

Bible SEO presents Jesus and Zacchaeus - The Guest of Sinner | Bible Study posted at Bible Study Exposition Online, a Bible study guide on the Zacchaeus from Luke 19: 1-10.

Gina Dalfonzo presents Return to Defiance posted at The Point, an interview with award-nominated novelist Mary DeMuth about her new book, Life in Defiance.

FMF presents The Seven Pillars of Financial Success, Introduction posted at Free Money Finance

Mia Taylor presents 100 Inspirational Tweets Everyone Should Read posted at Online Christian Colleges. "Here are the top 100 inspirational tweets everyone should read listed mostly by current followers. From Christian to Muslim to atheist, there is something for everyone. You can also choose to get your inspiration from a pastor, Catholic, Mormon, or even those who don't believe in God."

Jaqueline Dornbach presents Laundry and Thankfulness posted at The Young Pastor's Wife. This one is in the right time frame, but it had no working permalinks yesterday. It seems to be working now. I had to choose between two submissions. She also submitted a post about unruly emotions, so you can check that one out if you look further at her blog.


Okay, Mr. Stringent. How about fixing YOUR link to the carnival archives and submission information? The one you're using is obsolete and does not contained the information as advertised.

Please allow me to add one of the ones that you left out of your post. The article met your criteria, so I'm not quite sure what difficulty there may have been. But here goes:

Title: Betty White on SNL & The Young, Restless & Reformed

Description: What can we learn from SNL's reluctant invitation about the "Betty White's" in our churches.

Thank you!

Deb, I never got your submission, and I checked the submissions email account, and it's not there either. I'm not sure what happened. Exactly when did you submit it, and which method did you use?

Left, I didn't say I wouldn't be adding them later when I didn't get time. I just wanted to get the carnival up before it was any later than it already was, so I prioritized the ones that fit the submissions criteria. I managed to get it done while holding my baby girl during the 5am hour, before my sons woke up around 6:00, and I did so just barely. I wouldn't have been able to get back to it until much later, so I made the right choice. If I get the time, I might add an update with the ones I left out that were from a few days earlier, but that won't be tonight. My stringency isn't some mere rule-following or anything. I have never done this before. I just wanted to get this posted while I had the chance, and that decision allowed me to get the bulk of it done. If I can get the others up before too much time passes (so as to be not worth the time it takes to put it together), I'll try to do that.

As for the links, my one is working perfectly fine. I don't know why it's not working for you. Henry's seems to be no longer working. It's been a little while since I've checked that, but I thought it was working not too long ago. If you see this, Henry, can you let me know where you've moved it to?

If anyone is looking for past carnivals, I've been housing them here just in case.

Even more amazing than Jeremy typing this up while holding his baby daughter (which is quite a feat) is his baby daughter sitting there while he typed it up. Kudos to her.

She was almost asleep. She usually just falls right back asleep when she wakes up in the night, once I get her and she gets her head on my shoulder, but it takes about 20 minutes most of the time before she's able to be moved from my arms to her crib without her waking up again, so I sit on the couch and watch TV and/or do something on the computer in the meantime. In this case, she wasn't quite back asleep when one of the other kids showed up, and she woke right up.

Thank you, Jeremy, very much for the response. I'm a regular reader - I've had your feed in my reader for years, even tho I hardly ever comment. So, thanks!!!

Rey, thanks. I knew someone else had been doing this, but I couldn't remember who it was or where. I think I remember Henry saying something recently about moving his blog but not yet having moved this stuff, and I guess maybe he never got to it. It's good someone else is doing it. As of now you're the official one. I've updated my last references to it and will continue to use your listing for future posts.

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