God, please rewind the day!

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When we were about to leave for church on Sunday, we had to turn the TV off in the middle of an episode of something Ethan was watching. I told him I'd record the West Coast version when it played three hours later, but it's hard for him to pull away from anything he's started.

As we rounded the corner, instead of doing a usual temper tantrum he closed his eyes, bowed his head, and said in his fully frustrated about-to-lose-it voice, "God, please rewind the day!"

I don't know if he was seriously bringing his problem before God or if this was an autistic scripting incident substituting his concern for one in whatever TV show script he was acting out. This is the first time he's done this rather than just crying out to the sun to go back (to give him more time before bedtime) or to the rain to stop.

But it was no use trying to explain to him that it wouldn't work. If God rewound the day, the part of the show Ethan had already watched would be playing, and then he'd be watching it again and stopping at the same point so we could go to church, all without remembering that he'd watched it already, and then he'd say the same thing, "God, please rewind the day!"

What we think we want isn't always what we want, and if we got it we'd discover that it wasn't really what we had wanted. The kind of impossibility involved in his desire is on a level he can't understand. But why should we think something similar isn't true with some of the things we want, even demand, or some of the things that we'd expect should happen if an all-powerful, omniscient God has a plan for how events in our lives will unfold?


My daughter has autism and I sure can relate to this. She hates being interrupted. I like the object lesson here. You are right. Often what I want isn't really what I need or want and in the end, is just a poor substitute for what God wants to do with my life. It's silly how we try to control God when His plans are perfect.

I definitely know the experience of wanting something even as I know it's either (a) unfeasible or (b) not really what I want...

Desires are weird like that.

"God, please rewind the day." Wow - that's a pretty profound little prayer - a kind of wishful thinking that most of us have engaged in at some time.

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