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First Things has started a new blog called Evangel with all evangelical contributors. I wasn't all that surprised to get Joe Carter's invitation to take part, because he's tried several times to get me to join a team of evangelical bloggers, but most of the time no one was interested (including me). So I was indeed surprised at what this blog has become in such a short time. Joe has tried several times to get together a team of evangelical bloggers like this, and I guess the First Things name has served as part of the motivation this time around. (It certainly was for me. That part of his invitation did surprise me.)

I'm pretty impressed at the team Joe has managed to assemble, and I'm glad to be a part of it. I don't know all the names in the list, but I've follwed the blogs of several for quite a while, and I've been aware of others on and off but enough to keep tabs on what they're doing. A number of them very much have my respect. We'll see if I can keep up with them, because over 50 posts appeared there since this weekend while I was deliberately staying away due to the kids being home (and it was a four-day weekend through today in our school system).

While I'm writing about what I call meta-blogging issues, I thought I'd mention that I've reworked one of my RSS feeds. If you read my blog via RSS, you might be reading the feed that no longer picks up any posts with the meta-blogging tag. All my carnival announcements have that tag, and anything about the blog itself or some other blog connection like this will be excluded from that feed, because that's the feed that imports into Facebook, and I don't want all my Facebook friends (who number over 600, to give you an idea of how many people would be inundated with Christian Carnival announcements that they won't remotely understand) to have to see all that. Of course, if you read that feed you won't see this announcement either, since this post is tagged with the meta-blogging category. But maybe someone who reads that feed will end up on the blog site for some reason and will notice this post.


How did you filter out the meta-blogging category? I've played with Yahoo Pipes to compile several different feeds but filtering out the meta-blogging announcements would be great.

I did a Google search for MT tags for filtering categories in RSS code, and after a lot of looking finally found one that seemed right. I don't remember what it was now, but it would only work with MT anyway. If you're constructing feeds with Yahoo, it probably wouldn't work with the same code.

But I can give you the code. I inserted the following into the MTEntries section:

categories="NOT Meta-Blogging"

This occurs right after:


I had to put it in more than one place because of how my template works.

To be honest, Jeremy, I think it's too much. I've checked it a couple times, and I quite frankly don't have the time to catch up on everything they post. Do you think this pace will be kept up for long? Is it intended to be?

Joe was thinking each person would post at least once a week, and then you'd have at least three posts per day with 21 contributors. It's turned out to be a lot more than that. I suspect it will thin out a little as the novelty wears out and as other concerns become more dominant for some of the contributors. The posts might also get shorter. That's what Joe originally had in mind anyway.

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