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Welcome to the 284th Christian Carnival. The Christian Carnival is a weekly collection of some of the best posts of the Christian blogosphere. It's open to Christians of Protestant, Orthodox, and Roman Catholic convictions. One of the goals of this carnival is to offer our readers to a broad range of Christian thought. For more on Christian Carnival participation, see here.

I'm not including every post that was submitted. To qualify for inclusion in the Christian Carnival, submissions must have been posted to your blog within the past week. Hosts often allow a little wiggle-room for submissions that are close enough (I allowed several exceptions), but this week's submissions included posts as old as January and February. It also has to be Christian-related. Again, there's a lot of wiggle-room as to what counts as Christian for the purposes of the Christian Carnival, but a list of blogs having to do with Zen or a list of iPhone apps isn't Christian by any reasonable standard. This is also a blog carnival, which means submissions need to be blog posts. If it's not from a blog, this isn't the forum for it, especially if it's from a spam link-farm or some other advertising outlet. We also allow just one post per author per blog. One author submitted give posts this week (only two were written this past week, so it wasn't as hard to choose which to include: I just went with the one that was submitted first). Hosts don't often reiterate these criteria, so I thought it was worth drawing some attention to them.

I was expecting to have more time to put this together, but I took a lot longer to finish my grading for my summer courses than I'd expected, and my family got back yesterday from a long trip to New York City to see family, and the boys started summer school this morning, which involves a lot more than just putting them on the bus when special education services are at issue and they've got professionals working with them who don't know them at all. So I'm a bit late in putting this together, and I'm pretty much giving you the links, titles, and blog titles for submissions unless the submission included a description. But we've still got a list of the self-evaluated best posts of the week from the Christian blogs whose authors went out of their way to submit something. Enough business . . . on to the Carnival! Posts are in the order I received them.

Rodney Olsen gives us Faith and Education at RodneyOlsen.Net.

Annette presents Christ's Sacrifice, once for all at Fish and Cans.

FMF asks, "Is the mess with government spending our fault?" See Is the Welfare State the Fault of Christians? at Free Money Finance.

Barry Wallace sends in a brief devotional meditation on the sovereignty of God: Gianna Jessen and Jonah: Two lessons in God?s sovereignty at who am i?.

Keith Tusing presents Good vs. Great at Children's Ministry Buzz.

Sean Cochran has a look at sports commentators' definition of greatness compared with Jesus' definition of greatness in The Greatest Ever!?!? at A Greater Glory.

Teresa Dear wrote Who is Saved? the week after her father-in-law died of complications after surgery to remove cancer, posted at New Mercy.

Anthony Delgado offers us The Ring of Gyges and Morality at eInquisitive. (I missed it when I first looked, but he does explain what the Ring of Gyges is. It's in a sidebar. For a minute I thought I might have to offer an explanation here.)

Sowing and Reaping at Christian Personal Finance is a testimony about God's faithfulness to the biblical principle of sowing and reaping...

Why is learning about our nation's history and foundation essential to our future? Mel Turley gives us an answer in Learning Truth about America's Past and Influencing Our Future at Christian Kindred.

Rick Schiano presents Believing in Gods Healing at Ricks Victory Blog.

Kurt James Salfi gives us Looking in the Mirror at BrokenYokes.

Rich Bordner wonders why more Christians don't defend the faith more in Walking Around with our Pants Around our Ankles « The Pugnacious Irishman at The Pugnacious Irishman.

Weekend Fisher looks at the theme of God as gardener, and what it means for how we see our lives, in If God is the gardener ... at Heart, Mind, Soul, and Strength.

Brian Marchionni shares some thoughts on the Great Commission in The Starting Point of Missions at Boston Bible Geeks.

Rey Reynoso suggests a case where, even though we should be able to dress how we want for church, we can use the way we dress (or anything we have freedom in doing) for the sake of illustrating the Gospel. Check out How Cell Phones, Clothing and Movies Can Be Used For the Gospel at The Bible Archive.

From time to time I've encountered people who look on my engagement with academia and secular learning as highly suspect. There's something right behind the resistance, but the way it's often expressed is highly unbiblical despite its seeming piety. See my Drinking from the Well of Academia posted at Parableman.

Jeff sends in part 6 of on ongoing series on the atonement: The Mystical Theory of Atonement at ReturningKing.Com.

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