Christian Carnival hosting schedule

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This is the latest schedule of hosts for the Christian Carnival. You can find more information about the Christian Carnival here. I will add to the schedule as new hosts volunteer.

If you'd like to host a future edition of the Christian Carnival and have not contacted me about doing so, please let me know at the email address at the top of the sidebar. If you have particular preferences as to when you would like to host, please include that in your message. When possible, I will try to give the earliest spots to new hosts and hosts who have hosted less recently.

255 Dec 17 Parableman
256 Dec 24 A True Believer's Weblog
257 Dec 31 Ancient Hebrew Poetry
258 Jan 7 Fathom Deep: Sounding the Depths of God
259 Jan 14 Parableman
260 Jan 21 5th Anniversary Edition: Fish and Cans
261 Jan 28 Ignorant Historian
262 Feb 4 Participatory Bible Study Blog

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    The Parablemen are: , , and .



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