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I'm in the middle of some serious revisions on the "Harry Potter and Destiny" piece, whose next draft is due tomorrow. I'm down to 5364 words. I don't need to write anything new, but I do need to figure out how to get it down to 4200 words. The longer this takes the less time I'll have for grading, and I have about a week's worth of grading to do by Friday. So I'm not even going to take the time to pull out a set of notes from my teaching to reformat for the blog.

I did want to note that I've reached a surprising stage in life. I've now had my first instance of discovering one of my kids forging my signature. Ethan has to record a book he read four days a week, and each is supposed to be signed by a parent. He's taken to writing them in himself, and since I wasn't immediately present but across the room, he decided to copy the scrawl from the signature above so as not to leave an incomplete blank on his sheet (if only he did this with the name and date lines). It was just about perfect, too. He has problems writing letters with precise enough motions, but he has no trouble at all forging my signature perfectly.

Meanwhile, it was Sophia's fourth birthday today, and Sam's got some pictures up. [Update: Sam put up a fuller post with more pictures and text at the picture blog, so I've changed the link.]


Hm. Interesting that he is forging your signature. Does he understand the implications of forging signatures or is he simply doing it out of convenience (i.e. you are not in the same room as he and he doesn't feel like trudging across the hall)?

Neither. He sees the filled-out line above that has the title of the book, how many pages he read, and parent's signature. Then he puts the new title and information on the next line after he reads his next book, and he fills out the parental signature blank because it's empty, and his homework isn't done until it's got a signature there. Since it's cursive, and he can't read that, he simply copies the form of the scrawl exactly. Nothing beyond that even occurs to him. He sees it incomplete, and he wants his homework done, so he finishes the last part that's not done.

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