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It be late to be wishing ye a happy International Talk Like a Pirate Day, but I can at least be doing some belated pirate talk.

So I was shivering me timbers and parlaying me dead men's chest, when the skull and bones ahoyed my avast, and I couldn't resist some "Yo, ho ho". In the process, it came to me thoughts that I'd wanted to post about this a year ago but forgot until several days later. I made to find me a record of what I was going to write in me future posts file, and yo ho ho and beho'ld, there was the link to the Pirates Who Don't Do Anything trailer.

Me plundering days are much fewer nowadays, though, so I await the sighting of land ho in the far off land of video. Did anyone find those shores in the meantime? Is it treasure-rich?


Who wants to sing?

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