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Sam's put up some more pictures on her picture blog. This might be more frequent now that we have a camera that both works and will connect to the computer.

The first was actually from months ago. For some reason I forgot to link to it: Sophia putting on Mommy's makeup

Ethan and Sophia listening to the baby. Ethan still thinks he's getting a new little brother, and Sophia still thinks she's getting a little sister.

Ethan doing his new construction worker thing. They tore up about ten feet of concrete sidewalk right in front of our front walkway and then spent exactly a month (to the day) tearing up other people's concrete and filling in new concrete on other people's sidewalks. Exactly a day after they rendered our front walkway nearly useless, they filled it back in again. It's nice now except for the rocks they used to fill in the parts of Sam's garden that they uprooted, which clearly don't look remotely appropriate in the middle of a garden patch. I have to wonder if the exact month was to avoid some legal issue, if for instance we could sue them for taking too long if they went over a month. Anyway, Ethan had a lot of time to watch construction workers while waiting for the bus during that month.

Isaiah just lost his two front bottom teeth. It really is impossible to get a good picture of him if he knows there's a camera anywhere near him, but I suppose this isn't as bad as it sometimes is. Redeye is pretty common, but he's got Goldeneye! I always thought he'd be a good evil dictator, and being a Bond villain at such a young age is a pretty good start.


Hey, now I finally get to learn what you all look like! :)

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