The Empty Color

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I don't remember the context, but a few days ago Sophia listed off a bunch of colors and then said, "Daddy, all of those colors are my favorite colors. But not white. White's my empty color."

She said that about white another time the next day, completely out of any context of color. She was just describing something and said that it was white and that white was an empty color or her empty color or something like that. I didn't get down the exact way she put it.

If she means it something like the empty set, she may be right (at least if she's talking about colored objects; she's exactly wrong if she applies it to light, but a three-year-old isn't going to do that). I'm curious where she might have gotten it from, though, or how she came that conclusion. Maybe it's because white crayons do nothing noticeable on white paper. But why empty? Why associate it with an empty container? It doesn't seem the most obvious metaphor for a three-year-old to use without it coming from someone else.


When you mentioned white as an empty colour, I just thought of a white piece of paper being empty. People say that often enough about a blank page that I suspect she could misidentify the colour as having one of the other properties of the page (i.e. having nothing on it, or, being empty).

Kids say philosophically puzzling things though and it it fun to try to figure it out.

Did I relay the tire-popping situation on here in an earlier post?

I don't remember anything about tire-popping.

Just now:

"I don't think Isaiah will like white, 'cause white's Isaiah's empty color, just like mine."

I really wanted to comment on the most recent post (Boys Have Daddies...) but I get a 404 error.

Anyway, she's really quite an interesting girl. A born systematizer, I'd say.

That post is now ok. Thanks for informing me.

A couple years ago I was sitting at my front window as a couple walked by with their small child who was riding his trike. The child was riding and then rode over a stick that cracked.

Child: (said exuberantly) Daddy, daddy, my tire popped!

Dad: Oh really?

Child: Yeah, my tire popped!

Dad: (walks up and looks and feels the tire) I think the tire is ok.

Child: I know Dad, I was just pretending.

Now, this would be a normal conversation, but the kid was clearly not pretending. When I heard this I wondered what went through the kids head. Whether he was embarrassed about being wrong or something else. It was funny all the same.

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