The Genesis of a Fan

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Sophia: What are you watching, Daddy?
Me: Doctor Who
Sophia: Daddy, what kind of Doctor Who is that?
Me: That's the Third Doctor. The one you know is the Tenth Doctor.
Sophia: Oh.

(Two or three weeks passed, with no discussion on the matter during the intervening time, except once or twice asking if she wants to watch Doctor Who, with a surprisingly positive response. I was home alone and decided to pull out the Third Doctor serial I was in the middle of to finish it. Sophia came home with Sam near the end of it.)

Sophia: Daddy, what are you watching?
Me: Doctor Who
Sophia: Daddy, what kind of Doctor Who is that? I want to watch the Ten Doctor.


the best of the doctors. I got depressed a few years ago when watching Doctor Who on PBS when I found out how long the show's been running. "I can't watch this. I need like a Doctor Who: The Next Generation."

Thank goodness for sci fi.

It was actually the BBC that brought it back. SciFi just carries it now too. It's one of the most popular shows period in the UK. One episode this season was the most-watched TV show ever in the history of the BBC. It would be nice if American audiences could take to it like that.

One thing that impresses me about this new series is that most classic fans absolutely love it, which isn't true of the new Battlestar Galactica. Most people love it, but they think the original was too cheesy. Those who actually like the original think the new one ruins everything. Doctor Who, on the other hand, simply continues the story in ways original fans like. Having long-time fans writing it helped.

the original battlestar galactica scared me to death.

I just found Dr. Who this year and I love what I have seen so far. Its a fantastic series.

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