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I have a few requests in case anyone reading this blog can help. If you've been following my recent submissions and approvals for the Blackwell philosophy and pop culture series, you might have some idea of why I want some of the following information if anyone has it readily available. If you have exact quotes or specific scenes from the movies or issue numbers in the comics, that would be wonderful. I have a large number of X-Men comic books (mostly from the mid-late 80s until the early 90s, but I have reprints of older stuff too), but if it's easy for anyone to find some then it will make my work much easier in two weeks once I'm done grading and begin writing, so I can focus on the philosophy.

1. I'm looking for any instances in X-Men movies or comic books where any character or the narrator uses race-language or species-language to refer to mutants as distinct from humans. This includes when it's morally loaded but also when it's not. I'm interested both in Magneto's elevated view of the rights of mutants as superior beings but also in the factual claim that mutants are a separate race, sub-species, or species.

2. I'm also looking for instances where Magneto has given moral justifications for his questionable or immoral actions, again from the movies or the comic books. (I have no cartoon episodes to verify the information.) I'm interested in his attitude toward humans and the moral difference he sees between mutants and humans. I'm also interested in any general moral principles he might state in the process of explaining his reasons for doing things. Any specific descriptions of Magneto's actions as terrorist would also be nice or descriptions of particular actions he's taken that are morally questionable or outright immoral would also help me.

3. For those more wizard-inclined, I'm hoping to compile a list of seemingly-chance occurrences in Harry Potter, where something not under the conscious control of any character, i.e. lucky occurrences, are absolutely crucial for the major plot of the book to move along, particularly if Harry's success or the bad guys' defeat or frustration in their purposes hinges on it. I'm also looking for specific instances where any characters talk about issues related to destiny, the various prophecies, time travel and changing the past, free will, and so on. If you can give page numbers in the American paperback editions (hardcover for Deathly Hallows) or chapter numbers otherwise, that would be great. But even just mention of the events and how important they are could help me if it's something I haven't thought of yet, especially if it's a really big deal.

Whatever help anyone can offer is appreciated.


I used to be an X-Men fan and collector but have given away all my comic books to my little brother. I don't remember any instance of any character using race language. If you're going to look into pop culture with an inter-racial or even inter-species twist, you might also want to try Star Trek Voyager. That's a great Star Trek series probably my favorite.

Off the top of my head, in response to (3), I was always struck by the coincidence of Harry's witnessing of Snape's death. He really did just happen to be there at that moment -- it's very important that he was, because that's how he learned about Snape, and about his own role to play in Voldemort's defeat.

I don't quite have that kind of freedom. I have to submit proposals for the ones that have current calls for papers, and I can only write for the ones of those that accept my proposals. I'll certainly think about submitting something for any Star Trek ones that come along. I think one of the two main series of these books has already done one. But if it's Star Trek I'll have a hard time resisting personal identity issues, time travel, or something else in metaphysics. Maybe I'd end up submitting two proposals like I did for Harry Potter and hoping they approve at least one of them.

Hey Jeremy,
I use imdb.com a lot for movie quotes, may be helpful to you.

I used a magneto quote to start off a blog post that is in the area that you are working on:


it's been a minute since i did any real comic bookin', but i'm kinda remembering some scenes from the first story in X-Men, when Magneto draws the nuclear weapons from the submarine he sank back in the day. in fact, for your first two questions, i'm pretty sure x-men 1-3 would work pretty well. if i can think of something else soon, i'll let you know.

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