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Welcome to the 225th Christian Carnival. For more on what the Christian Carnival is, please see this post.

I'm hosting this week because it was the only week between mid-January and the end of June that I have no teaching responsibilities. (Even in Spring Break I have a huge pile of grading to get through, and this year I wasn't even able to do that due to illness in the family, so I'm glad I didn't try to host that week.) Nevertheless, things often come up, and this time around it was a computer issue. I dropped my computer late Sunday night and heard the familiar sound of the hard drive not working properly, I just happened to have burned a CD of SpinRite, one of the best hard drive diagnosis and repair programs around, so I put it in and set it up to run. I'd just run it on my wife's machine, and it took a few hours at most. Well, the problems on my hard drive were more serious, and it didn't finish until late afternoon yesterday, totaling 40 hours of me and my wife sharing an old computer because both of ours were down.

So I'm just getting to looking at Christian Carnival submissions this morning, and at this point I'm just going to put up the posts without much fanfare. I usually like to edit the default text so the BlogCarnival submissions don't sound too repetitive, but I'd rather just get the Carnival posted.

I want to emphasize the rules for when posts have to be written before I go on, since there were a lot of posts this week that were outside the proper range. In one case, the submitter was able to provide a more recent post. With some others, they're recent enough that I've included them as late submissions for last week in a separate section. But please remember that submissions are supposed to have been posted since the previous Wednesday to be in the current edition of the Christian Carnival. Some hosts aren't sticklers about this, but the Christian Carnival is supposed to be a reflection of the best posts from the Christian blogosphere of the past week, a week running Wednesday to Tuesday.

Because some people limit their submissions to the last week and end up passing up on good posts in favor of ones they're less happy with (I have done this myself when I had two very good posts one week and one less good the next), it's not fair to them if we too often let in posts by others that are outside the proper range. So even if you submit a post on a Wednesday, if the post was posted the previous day it's out of range. Once the turnover to Wednesday occurs, the week resets, and all old posts are no longer current. So if you have a great post written at the beginning of the week, please try to refrain from posting it until Wednesday (I have often done this myself), or try to make sure you submit it by Tuesday night. I've tried to extend a lot of grace this week, but there's an important principle of fairness at issue here.

Well, enough of business. On to the 225th Christian Carnival!

GP presents The Rundown on Roundup posted at Innstyle Montana- Your Home on the Range. GP's summary: "The L-rd is my riding partner."

James DeLelys presents WORDS » Articles posted at WORDS.

Kurt presents Another Rung of the Ladder posted at Lyving Well.

Daniel presents Of Boys, Toys, JWs, Anoraks, and St. Augustine (or, The Coffee Maker, Part 2) posted at brummie@sea.

To be human means to be focused on our own needs. But as John at Light Along the Journey relates in Our Needs & God's Provision, it's more important to be focused on God's provision, and to realize that He is both the giver and the gift.

Ken Brown presents Prince Caspian Review posted at C. Orthodoxy. Ken's summary: "The new Prince Caspian differs substantially -- for good and ill -- from the book by C.S. Lewis, but is an entertaining and engaging film with an interesting focus on faith and doubt."

ChrisB presents They Came First for the Polygamists posted at Homeward Bound.

Doug presents Healthy Patriotism posted at Bounded Irrationality. Doug says, "How can a Christian be patriotic? What sorts of patriotism are healthy and which kinds are dangerous? These are questions I'm wrestling with."

Chad Dalton presents I'm not a smart man posted at Living Stone Bible Church Blog.

Casey Petersen presents Is Sickness the Result of Sin? posted at The Limitless.

Tom Gilson presents New Age and Its Contradictions posted at Thinking Christian. New Age advocates often say that contradictions are to be embraced. As Ravi Zacharias explains, however, they really do matter.

Jody Neufeld presents "I've been REDEEMED!" posted at Jody Along the Path.

Barbara Sanders at Tidbits and Treasures gives us America has lost her way, a reflection spurred on by the California same-sex marriage ruling.

Rodney Olsen presents Ada's Story posted at We can be heroes. A powerful story about how a small sacrifice can make such a huge difference in the life of others.

Henry Neufeld presents Meditations on a Healing Service posted at Threads from Henry's Web. Henry's summary: "Some thoughts on why I was blessed by a healing service."

Weekend Fisher continues her series at Heart, Mind, Soul, and Strength considering Jesus on the cross as God With Us in the face of death. It's not cheerful material, but it may be comforting. See Spiritual resources for the terminally ill and caregivers: "It is finished".

The Parableman blog contributes two posts this week from different authors, about two very different aspects of the afterlife. My post is Regret in Heaven, which looks at whether we'll have regret in heaven over our sin and over bad things that happen. Wink's post, Punishment and Suffering, is a short question leading to a significant discussion in the comments about whether punishment requires suffering (with an aim toward thinking about the nature of what hell must be like, although much of the conversation doesn't get that far).

Simple Life in Christ presents The Illusion of Safety.

Michael at Shattered Paradigm gives us "As California Goes, So Goes The Nation" - A Further Analysis Of The California Supreme Court Gay Marriage Decision.

When I host, I like to throw in a few ringers from people who didn't submit anything. Here they are:

At Uncle Sam's Cabin we have Autism and faith, inclusion and exclusion, which looks at two very different ways people of faith deal with autism.

Joe Carter at Evangelical Outpost asks How Do You Love a Porn Star?

Adrian Warnock interviews Don Carson (part 1, part 2, or go to Justin Taylor's post containing both videos).

See also Justin Taylor's post at Between Two Worlds. looking at Carson's criticism of Tony Campolo's Red-Letter Christians.

Finally, here are some late submissions for last week:

FMF presents The Lord's Way vs. The Government's Way posted at Free Money Finance.

Thom presents Finding Our Way Again: An Interview with Brian McLaren posted at Everyday Liturgy. Thomas interviews author Brian McLaren about his new book Finding Our Way Again: The Return of the Ancient Practices.

Richard H. Anderson presents The Role of the LXX in the Theology of the Early Church posted at dokeo kago grapho soi kratistos Theophilos.

Diane R presents "But I Don't Want to Help the Poor Anymore?" posted at Crossroads: Where Faith and Inquiry Meet. Diane says: The emergent movement stresses helping the poor and taking care of the environnment. But wonder if their members get tired of this? What will their leaders say? Is emergent another works" program?

A few emails I sent out about posts outside the range for this seek still haven't generated replies, so there may be a few more posts appearing as a result of those discussions.

Update: This should have been in the original post and was not late in any way. I don't know what I was thinking:

Wickle presents Thoughts on "An Evangelical Manifesto" posted at A True Believer's Weblog. Wickle is interested in the newly-written "Evangelical Manifesto" and hopes that this becomes a good starting point for Christians to take a good look at who we are, what we believe, and how we live it out in the world.


Thanks for hosting!


A minor point but the blogpost I submitted, in 'brummieatsea' - 4th in your listing - is actually written by my son Daniel, not me. I hadn't realise you would put my name - sorry. Thanks for including the post, anyway.

Actually, that was automatically done by BlogCarnival. I didn't touch their HTML conversion of the information you put in. I did notice his name at one point and thought it was odd that it was submitted by someone with a different name, but I didn't look further into it, and I should have. Sorry for that. It's fixed now.

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