Christian Carnival hosting schedule

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It's time to schedule some more hosts for future Christian Carnivals. The schedule as it stands is below, and I will add to it as I schedule new hosts. You can find more information about the Christian Carnival here. If you are interested in hosting an edition at your blog, you can contact me at the email address in the header. If you have particular preferences as to when you would like to host, please include that in your message. When possible, I will try to give the earliest spots to new hosts and hosts who have hosted less recently.

219 April 9 Chasing the Wind
220 April 16 Imago Dei
221 April 23 Everyday Liturgy
222 April 30 Brain Cramps for God
223 May 7 Participatory Bible Study Blog
224 May 14 The Evangelical Ecologist
225 May 21 Parableman
226 May 28 Bounded Irrationality
227 June 4 Ancient Hebrew Poetry

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    The Parablemen are: , , and .



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