Obama Ready for VP but not for Presidency?

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Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. Apparently Barack Obama has figured out (it took him a while, at least to say it) that Hillary Clinton's repeated claims that he's not ready to be president are slightly at odds with her suggestion that maybe he could be vice-president. Probably the most crucial role of the vice-president is to take over the responsibilities of the president if the president becomes unable to perform them.

But see her response. So he's not ready now, and therefore the Democrats should nominate her. But maybe he'll be ready by August, so she can float the idea of choosing him as a running mate? That see s to be how she's explaining both statements.

How isn't that an admission that her initial comments are wrongheaded? Well, here's the one path to consistency that I think she can trod. He isn't ready now, and there's no guarantee that he will be in January, so we shouldn't nominate him. Maybe some miracle will occur, and he'll be ready enough by August that he could run on the ticket as VP, so she won't say he's now ready even to be a running mate (not that she's in a position to offer it to him), but she'll float him as a possibility in case the miraculous occurs and he gets all this experience that he doesn't now have.

I suppose that's consistent. It's just a huge stretch.


If, as your argument implies, there is a real possibility that by August it will be clear that Obama is ready to be President, then surely the Convention will want to nominate him as President, not as VP. So Clinton can't win either way.

My argument doesn't imply that there's such a real possibility, just that her argument might appear more consistent if that's what she thinks. But you're right. It's more than just being a stretch, as my concluding sentence says. Even with that stretch, it seems as if her possible attempt to reconcile the statements allows for nominating him for the presidency rather than as her VP candidate. But it doesn't follow that the convention should nominate him. In her view, they should of course nominate her. The differences between them are more than just that she doesn't think he's ready. Even if this argument were eliminated, she'd still have things to say for people to prefer her (and I'd certainly prefer her to him if I had to choose, not that I want either of them).

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