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This hermeneutics quiz [double hat tip] is actually not so bad when compared with most of the theology or politics quizzes I've found online. It allows for a lot of wiggle room and doesn't have terribly loaded questions.

Unsurprisingly, I came out as a hermeneutical conservative. The range for conservatives runs from 20 to 52, with 20 being the most conservative (there is no lower score), and I scored 39, which puts me closer to the beginning of the moderate range than I am to the most conservative end of conservatives.

For the record, here are my scores on the individual questions:

11111 21112 11252 11524


I came out a conservative too, but I think of myself as a moderate. I think on the theological issues, perhaps I lean a little more moderately, but I'm a fundamentalist when it comes to hermeneutics.

Terry, imagine someone answering 5 on every question. That's the other extreme. I doubt you're halfway between that and answering 1 on every question. You may be moderate for an evangelical, but this test covers the whole range.

I came out with a 47. Thanks for the tip.

Wow, big blog change...I haven't actually been here lately since you're on my google reader. It looks good.

One of my thoughts about it was that I could have easily moved potentially six or seven points in either direction without changing the way I think about the issues. The options for answers were perhaps a little too flexible. I often found myself saying, well, I could be a one, depending on how such-in-such is defined, or perhaps a 2. There was at least one question that I thought I could have easily answered 1, 2 or 3 - and I think I answered with a 3 just because.

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