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I was declared the winner of this contest, but I'm not sure I really won for reasons I explained in the comments. Should I claim the graphic for my sidebar on the grounds that I did better than anyone else, or should I refrain because I simply did not win despite being declared the winner?

Update: I've officially won despite my objections. See the comments.


You are right Jeremy that I should have clarified the winning rules. But please keep in mind that I spend my day playing 1/2 games of Candyland that can never be finished because most speech therapy sessions only last 30 minutes. So to me, the winner is whoever gets the most answers correct. Since there were only 2 people who guessed, that made you the winner. Now this is a very different situation than I have at work, where I am desperately trying to get kids to be good sports and not flaunting their winning status. In my mind, you won. And because the other contestant (Jen) is a friend of mine, I'll speak for her too that the prize is yours!

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