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I'm going to be experimenting for a little bit on the look of this blog. The new installation of Movable Type has been giving me all sorts of problems with comment submission, archives, and failures in spam prevention, because the changes Wink made to the templates when he did the last big site redesign weren't all compatible with the new features of this version of the MT software. I was hoping we could just make some changes in the templates he designed, but that doesn't look possible without more work than he can do on a level of detail beyond my understanding, so I'm just starting new, and if he gets some time he can implement some of those changes again with the new templates. I'll try to do what I can myself, but I'm sure there are limits to that.

It might be a while before the sidebar and features are all set up the way I want them, so if you're looking for something I once had in the sidebar or header, please be patient. I'll try to get the most important stuff done as quickly as I can, but the spam issue is the most important priority, and I want to get the new spam protection features working first. I've also got real life responsibilities, including some meetings at school for the boys this morning and an application to get out this afternoon, so I might not even get to some of the more important stuff until this evening.


Quick Question: why did you go MT over Wordpress? Just wondering is all.

Matthew, who owns the Ektopos server, runs MT. I had my blog on blogger initially, but I was getting annoyed at the comment limits for the free comment engines. (This was before Blogger wised up and allowed comments to be in-house.) Matthew saw my complaints and offered to host my blog here, and I've been using MT since. Maybe he'll chime in on his reasons for using MT, but I suspect that he just thought MT was more useful and capable of more back then and hasn't wanted to switch over when all the Ektopos blogs have been using MT all along.

I like this template better for some reason. Maybe it's the rich red header.

If I knew more about MovableType (other than the very little I understand for administrating it on a site for a friend of mine), I would volunteer to help, but alas, I would be of very little use. Good luck with the modifications.

[P.S. I'm glad that the preview works now.]

I don't think this red is much different from the one in the header Wink designed. It's just more of it. Maybe it's a little lighter.

I don't like the huge margins, but otherwise this isn't a bad template. I might want to rearrange a few things once I get all my books, CDs, and so on in the sidebar and once I figure out how to use the new system for blogrolls. I don't like having the commenter name above the comment. Maybe it will grow on me before I get to changing it, but I'm used to seeing it underneath.

I like how you have more white space on the left and right margin b/c it helps with the reading. Also the slightly larger font now makes it easier to read than before. It was way too small before (like the size you have on your blogroll. It could even go one size larger but that's just my preference. I do like your old header though. This plain red one is kind of plain but it's still good.

I preferred the old one, but just because I like the header better. It was a cool edgey picture. This new one reminds me to much of a Nintendo blog. Don't ask me why, it just does.

I wondered why I hadn't heard from you recently, but that is apparently because the feed I was using to access this blog,, stopped operating at about the time you posted this post. The last post on the feed is "Christian Carnival CCXIII". You may have lost a number of readers because of this.

I didn't change the feeds. All I changed was the template. The upgrade itself may have caused that, or maybe the feeds changed automatically for some reason when I changed templates, but that's something I didn't personally touch.

According to Bloglines, there are only three people subscribed to that feed through their service, so I doubt it's a lot of readers. Others may be using it somewhere else too. It's about time everyone switched to a decent feed anyway. I can't stand feeds that don't have links, graphics, of any formatting. I don't know how you put up with that feed for so long when there were several options for this blog. When I enabled the RSS 1.0 feed, it was because some feed readers couldn't handle the better feeds, but I doubt many of them are still in use.

Well, Jeremy, can you recommend a decent feed for your blog, and give us the URL? I have just subscribed to the Atom feed you link to on this page, but that does not show links or graphics - in Bloglines which shows links and graphics with some other feeds.

The atom one does show links and graphics in Bloglines. It's one of the two I have in my Bloglines account, and I just asked it to load all recent entries. Look at the Christian Carnival announcements. It has the graphic and the links. Wink's recent posts haven't had graphics, and many haven't had links, so maybe that's what's confusing you. It also works fine when Facebook imports entries from it.

The other one that works is the feedburner">">feedburner one. If the atom one still doesn't show up right for you, it's not in the feed, so I don't know what the problem would be, but you can always try the feedburner one, which I think uses the atom one but puts it out as a different-coded output.

There were no links or graphics in any of the entries on your feed, as viewed in Bloglines. But they appeared when I set my preference to "complete entries" rather than "Summaries if available". I must remember that one.

By the way, another annoying new feature of your blog is that the comment headers to not remember my personal info, although I checked the box to do so.

It's not remembering mine either. It did until yesterday, though. I'm not sure what happened in the meantime, but I haven't changed any settings. If you log in, it will at least remember everything except your URL, and your comments will be approved automatically.

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