Ron Paul and Race

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Ron Paul is indisputably the presidential candidate who most attracts the support of white supremacists, and he has come under a lot of fire recently for not taking a strong enough stand against his racist supporters. What's worried me even more is his inability to show even a minimally decent understanding of what racism even is when he's declared himself not to be a racist.

So it's a bit surprising that Paul is also the Republican candidate with the greatest traction among black voters. Does this mean he'll be a uniter and not a divider?


I am continuously surprised how much more ink Ron Paul is getting than Mike Huckabee. Mike is a well spoken conservative with a great deal of biblical knowledge which he uses not as a cudgel, but as a motivting force for good.
He can use your prayer,
he can use your ink
and he can use your resources. he's in second pace in delegates, and has a real shot.
Should you look to assist, here is a link.
Thank You.

I'm not the sort to do a lot of heavy plugging for candidates I like. I'm much more likely to write up a post responding to things I don't like. So it might be better for Mike Huckabee that he doesn't get much attention from me (not that I'd have a huge effect, of course).

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