Highest-Ranked People Based on Final Letters of Last Names

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I wanted to follow up on my post last week Highest-Ranked People With Last Names Ending in A. I was curious what the highest-ranked people of each final letter of the last name would be. I decided to stick with the ceremonial order of precedence referred to in the previous post, and I also limited myself to people who would be of their rank in a way that didn't depend on being in a certain location. That leaves out governors, mayors, and ambassadors in the region where they have authority. Governors do show up lower in the list when not in their state, and I did include them. I got down to the deputy secretaries of executive departments, and I couldn't find lists of former deputy secretaries for a couple departments, so I stopped looking at that point. Three letters remain unknown.

a Associate Justice, Supreme Court
b Speaker of the House
c member of U.S. House of Representatives
d President
e President
f Secretary of Homeland Security
g President
h President
i Secretary of Defense
k President
l Vice-President
m Speaker of the House
n President
o Associate Justice, Supreme Court
p Speaker of the House
r President
s President
t President
u Secretary of the Treasury
w Vice-President
x Vice-President
y President
z Secretary of State

If you know of any high officials for the three remaining letters, go ahead and leave a comment, but I wouldn't be sure it was the highest unless I could see lists of everyone occupying and having occupied all the positions in between them and where I left off. But it would be nice to have a more complete list with people of whom we could say confidently that there's someone for that letter who was at least as high as a certain position.

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