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It's getting time to fill out the Christian Carnival hosting list once more. If you're interested in hosting the Christian Carnival for any date not covered on the list, please send me an email at the link at the top of the page. For more information about the Christian Carnival, you can see this post and the links therein. I will be updating the list below as I schedule people, but I'll be trying to give new hosts and hosts who haven't done it in awhile some priority over those who have done it more recently. Otherwise it's nearly first-come first-serve.

I'd also like to schedule earlier weeks first, so if you've hosted before (especially if it was recent) or request a week later on don't be surprised if I get to other people first. But anyone not on the list below is welcome to volunteer, even if you hosted as recently as sometime in 2008. I'm hoping to fill out the rest of February and March, and it would be nice to complete April too.

208 Jan 23 Chasing the Wind
209 Jan 30 Everyday Liturgy
210 Feb 6 Imago Dei
211 Feb 13 Brain Cramps for God
212 Feb 20 The Evangelical Ecologist

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