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The 105th Christian Carnival is up at Ancient Hebrew Poetry.

When he gets to my post, John offers the following observation:

Jeremy, that was too easy. Why not pick more challenging topics? The quality of public debate on issues like legal and illegal immigration is abysmal: why not raise the bar? Is it possible to be a Christian environmentalist? Why not take on the huge amount of nonsense associated with environmentalism – and anti-environmentalism?

I wasn't sure what to make of this. I could see someone saying something like that and intending it seriously. It may be that he thinks those topics are more challenging, and he thinks there's a great need for clarity on them, while any thinking Christian should see the things I pointed out. I actually agree, to an extent. The reason I wrote on this topic was because I could do it quickly after a long day of trying to recover from basically four days of driving and two days of interviewing while taking care of the kids mostly by myself since we've been back because Sam hasn't been feeling too great. So I needed something I could whip up quickly.

On the other hand, John may be joking. Bioethics issues can be hard, and thoughtful Christians can disagree on them. This particular issue does have good points on both sides. The awful rhetoric on both sides of the immigration and environmental debates is extremely easy to poke holes in, so I can see how someone might think those debates would be easier to say something intelligent about.


It IS easy to poke holes in the nonsense uttered by people who self-identify as conservative, or conservative Christian, or liberal on the other side, when it comes to the immigration and environmental debates.

So why not lay out a thoughtful and politically savvy Christian perspective on these issues? You will make a lot of enemies if you do, perhaps, but someone has to cut through the crap.

I've spent some time on immigration before and don't really have anything to add. If you want to read those, see Rewarding Criminal Activity? (especially including the comments), Mexican-Americans Aren't Illegal Immigrants, Humanitarian Argument for Immigration Enforcement, and most recently Immigration Thoughts.

I've discussed various environmental issues at times, but I've never looked beyond (1) very specific issues like what sort of power is most environmentally friendly or (2) whether something in the area of environmentalism is justified by the Bible (whether it resembles what is commonly called environmentalism is another matter).

Maybe I should write up a post on very general approaches to what's intrinsically valuable and why Christians should have some but not complete sympathy for environmentalism. I'm surprised I've never gotten to that, but it hasn't been a focus of my teaching, and public policy rarely deals with such general questions explicitly, so nothing in the news would have motivated me to write about it.

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