Divorce and the Environment

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It turns out divorce is bad for the environment. So is breaking up any cohabitation. I guess marriage and cohabitation are good for the environment, then. It's interesting that they worded the headline to emphasize the negative rather than the positive, though. [hat tip: Jonathan Adler]


Well it is a good thing that this article proved why divorce is a bad idea, and all this time I thought there were biblical guidelines or something.

Just kidding, hey how are you. I saw that you found me on myspace or whatever but I never use them. It was just a ploy to be able to monitor the teenagers in my house. They ended up not using them anyway.

I found you here through J & P Veitri. I just got in from class and need to relax. The hour and a half drive from Roxbury Boston after theology leaves me wound up.

Hey, hope things are well with you and your family. I have a blog too, which seems lame, but just started.


Will be back to visit soon.

Cheryl Lavornia

Cheryl, good to hear from you. It's a busy time at the end of the semester. I've been applying for full-time faculty jobs this semester, so I've been extremely busy. I hope things calm down soon, but now I'm in the middle of trying to get exams and papers back to my students before the end of class.

I'll check out your blog and put up a link to it in my sidebar.

Are you sure they're not using Facebook and MySpace, or are they just not using the accounts you know about?

Also, they could be sending messages to various people who aren't their friends and/or are not on their profile.

Jeremy, I finished reading your Theories of Knowledge and Reality Series about a week or so ago. Good stuff. I am about to write a paper on 'in what ways free will is compatible with Stoic fatalism'. Your posts on freedom and determinism will be very helpful no doubt.

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