Contradictory Affirmative Action

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I was looking at the delegate selection process for the Democratic National Convention. One interesting thing about the Democratic delegate selection process that isn't true of the GOP process is that they have an affirmative action program to increase the number of minority and women delegates. I was curious how that process worked, but apparently it's different in each state, so I wasn't able to find any details. I did, however, notice that they make the following two statements, both on the same page:
This goal shall not be accomplished either directly or indirectly by the Party’s imposition of mandatory quotas at any level of the delegate selection process or in any other Party affairs.

State Delegate Selection Plans shall, as far as mathematically practicable, also provide for equal division between district-level delegate men and delegate women and district-level alternate men and alternate women.
As these terms are ordinarily used, how is the second quote not imposing a mandatory quota? Doesn't telling them that they have to seek to have equal numbers of women and men among the delegates count as imposing a mandatory quota?


yes the democratic party is again wrongheaded
and inconsistent

Right, as if the Republican party is never wrong or inconsistent. This wasn't a party slam. It was bewilderment at the sloppy writing of a committee who wasn't thinking very carefully about the consistency of the set of goals they were adopting.

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