Christian Carnival CCII

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The 202nd Christian Carnival is up at Lo-Fi Tribe.


Thanks again for doing this. God's best to you.

P. S. I have submitted posts to the last three Carnivals, on time (generally a few days before.) For the last one, at least, I got an automatic return mail from on Dec 6, saying that my message had been received. I got a similar message on Nov 20. I'm not sure about the Carnival between those. I didn't see my post in any of the last three Carnivals.

It's possible, I guess that none of the posts I submitted were considered appropriate, but I doubt that.

Has something changed? Thanks. Any assistance would be appreciated. This is not an urgent matter, of course. I'm sure that you are busy.

Martin, I've sent an email to the host. Unfortunately, someone went and deleted all the past emails from carnivals before this week, which sort of defeats the purpose of having a central account so we can go look for missing submissions. So I can't look for the previous two weeks.

It's generally best just to email the host to ask what happened. Usually they just say they forgot it and add it right in (and if they don't I think they're bad hosts).

If your post from last week was one of the political ones, then the reason is because the host was worried about his tax-exempt status if he included links to political posts. I don't remember which blogs got left out because of that. There were a few. Otherwise I have no idea, and there's now no way to tell what the problem was.

Thanks. I'll try submitting again sometime, I guess.

My last post was no more political than this comment. Maybe less so.

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