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Have you ever heard of chessboxing? [hat tip: GeekPress] Neither had I. I'm not sure what would motivate someone capable of competitive chess to put themselves in a position of diminishing that capacity so easily, but I guess some smart people are pretty stupid.


I heard of it in the context of "The Mystery of Chessboxing" during one of those channel 5 sunday afternoon kung-fu "drive-in" theater. But in that movie he was training to fight different styles of fighting ("toad style is immensely strong and nearly immune to any weapon!").

This Other chessboxing though seems to prove counterintuitive especially if you're getting punch-drunk after a really bad move.


i think you're merging wu-tang clan songs and channel 5 memories. the "toad style" quote is on the wu-tang song, 'da mystery of chessboxin',' but it's from the movie, 'the 5 deadly venoms.'

personally, i think you guys may be missing the point. in a very real sense, chess and boxing (and wrestling, for that matter) are very similar, except that with wrestling and boxing, the "pieces" are parts of the body. from watching a bout, the amount of strategy required to perform effectively may not be clear, but please believe - it's not as much of a stretch as it might seem.

avery, i think you're right--I just went into my mp3 folder to hear the song again and its right in the beginning. Now i'm adding both movies to my netflix for a refresher!

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