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Since I'm expecting to be done with my dissertation by summer, I've been applying for academic jobs, and deadlines are mostly between this week and early December, with most of them in the middle two weeks of November. I've been spending about half the day each day getting materials together, revising my writing sample, rewriting my writing sample (long parts new from scratch), writing cover letters, figuring out which jobs have the earliest deadlines, and packaging materials for the earliest deadlines. I've gotten so far behind on grading because of this that, even though the job stuff should slow down a little bit now, I've got a pile of papers to grade and will be getting a pile of exams in a few more days.

So I don't expect to be doing a lot of in-depth blogging in the next week or so, although I do hope to have a couple posts of content besides just linking to interesting stuff elsewhere. We'll see. The post I wanted to write today will have to wait until tomorrow.

Oh, and I have no idea where my sidebar is hiding. It disappeared when I updated a couple books last night, and I can't find any problems in the code.

[Supplement 11:36 pm: I managed to fix the sidebar problem by reducing it to nothing and gradually adding each component back in. I used to have to do that when the MTAmazon code used to act up all the time. It hasn't done that in quite a while, but it never had this effect anyway. All it did was stop some of the books from displaying or occasionally all the books from a certain point down. This wiped out the whole sidebar. Anyway, I have no idea what the problem was, because the code I removed was as far as I can tell exactly the same as the code I replaced it with.]

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