Dumbledore is Gay: the Aftermath

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In case you haven't heard, J.K. Rowling was asked last week if Albus Dumbledore ever experienced romantic love, and Rowling revealed something that never appeared in the books: she'd always thought of Dumbldore as gay. This revelation makes sense of something in the last book that was a little puzzling otherwise, but I won't get into it in case anyone hasn't read the book and wants to get into it spoiler-free. I wish I had the time to write up my thoughts on this, but I'm glad someone has saved me the trouble. Travis at Sword of Gryffindor has already written up most of what I'd want to say:

See also the two comments linked to at the top of his post, in the update. If you haven't read the final book of the series, beware of spoilers in any of this.


Thanks for this post, especially the pointer to Sword of Gryffindor.

I'm going to have to skim over Book 7 (as opposed to reread since her revelation adds nothing to the story) to see what you're alluding to.

It has to do with why Dumbledore waited so long to head off to Europe to do what he had to do there. It would be faster to read the post I linked to and the posts he links to than it would to review the book.

It certainly is strange. Sounds like a bad slasher fanfiction, then again I was disappointed in Book Seven because the entire thing sounded like a bad fanfiction. Oh well it certainly does explain alot in the books, but it also highlights that as a character development writer, Rowling has alot to learn. She certainly has in many characters (Snape, Harry, alot of people) let them "get way from her" as the "Sword of Gryfindor" said. Ba humbug. I must say though, though it may be merely a matter of terminology, I do have an irk with something the "Sword..." said. Though it is certainly true, that it is silly to have a blow up like this, when similarly moral issues did not (such as harry's use of the crucio curse), I would have to say that the way he frames the "culture war" is disagreeable to me. Certainly, we should not say "Rowling will burnnnn!!!!!" or "Gay people are terrible" but we can certainly give a reasonable response saying that the books were mistaken in taking that path, and make it clear that we do disagree with her. Perhaps it is merely a difference of terminology and shade of speech though.

Well, I loved book 7. I thought it was the best in the series, including in character development.

I'm not sure what path you're saying the books were mistaken in taking and what it has to do with the culture war. Is there something in the books that pronounces on the culture war? I thought we were discussing a comment she made about something the books don't imply.

I did think I objected to how he frames the culture war, but as he went on I found that I agreed with him fully. He wasn't saying anything I disagreed with at all.

Well I have certainly known several people who liked book 7. A difference in taste is quite fine, I just was disappointed with quite a few things in it. (Snape among other things)

Also I am sorry for using confusing language. I don't mean the path that the "books" took, but the path in story (since I consider the comments by Rowling as part of the story, but not part of the books.) What I meant was that while we certainly don't need to give into hate, or into thoughtless scandalism, I do think that while me must fight against those urges, we should also make clear that while we don't condemn people we do clearly disagree with them, and believe them to be wrong. I think all in all I do agree with him, and that the majority of the statements are merely a difference in shade of meaning.

I think he was saying all that.

This whole story is pretty ridiculous, I mean it's just totally inconsequential to make some wizard gay after the fact. Why don't we just assume that more classic characters are gay, like the Merlin from The Old Man and the Sea?


She said she'd always thought of him as gay. Doesn't author's intent count for something?

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