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Here's a political positions test to see which presidential candidates you agree with the most. It allows you to support, oppose, or other (i.e. unsure or other) each position, and then it ranks the candidates in terms of how closely their views match up to yours. Apparently it includes only declared candidates, so Fred Thompson is not among them. It also seems me to be overly simplistic on many issues, including abortion. I'd consider the selection of issues very far removed from the ones I consider most important. I only thought a few were key issues. There are more good criticisms here. Still, it's interesting to see how you match up according to this measure.

Judging by the statistics, it seems as if fans of Dennis Kucinich have been heavily linking to this test.

For the record, here are my scores:

Duncan Hunter 32
Mitt Romney 30
John McCain, Mike Huckabee 24
Rudy Giuliani 21
John Cox, Tom Tancredo 18
Tommy Thompson 18
Sam Brownback 5
Ron Paul -2
Bill Richardson -17
Joe Biden -18
John Edwards -19
Chris Dodd, Hillary Clinton -21
Barack Obama -23
Mike Gravel -27
Dennis Kucinich -31


Nice blog. I was Romney 32, Tancredo 31, and Hunter 26. I think this is pretty accurate with an honest assessment of the most important or key issues. Good link.

Found your blog doing some searching on Romney. You did a great post a few months back on his so-called "flip-flopping." I'm late to the party, but I think he's my guy.


I came Kucinich 20 as the highest. However, there was (rather inexplicably) no question regarding drug policy/legalization, nor about views on legal paternalism.

So I think the result are a little skewed.

I think
1) outside the US people are heavinly democrat leaning (ie if the US election included everyone on earth the democrats would win by somthing like 90%-10%, maybe more) and not all people taking the test are americans.

Also the questions like iran military action - sounds like "should we attack iran" - when in reality it probably means "should military action be an option" at least for those overseas from the US both are no brainers in opposite directions.

also things like "torture" are not a very exciting prospect out of context.

oh and although I ended up with Kucinich first he seems to overshoot me by a long way on a lot of issues for example we might both agree that the US should be out of iraq but for totally different reasons and different speeds (and with/without reparations!).

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