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Welcome to the 185th Christian Carnival. I've tried to order the posts according to some general types of posts, with posts in each section ordered as I received them. Sometimes a post might have fit into more than one category, and I've made a judgment call.
I've included the host's description (or something very similar) when it was submitted, which was true for most of the posts that were submitted by their author. Otherwise I've tried to provide a short indication of what the post is about.
Every once in a while there's a submission that doesn't fit the most basic requirements of the Christian Carnival, which is that the post be from a Christian perspective, broadly construed. Sometimes a good post comes in that's not even by a Christian or that's not really reflective o Sometimes it's clearly spam or just someone promoting some product. One submission this week seemed to me to be something like that, and another may have been (and both were after the deadline anyway, not that that's always going to deter me from including a post that does come from a Christian perspective).
Sometimes, however, it's a good post but doesn't seem at all to be influenced by a Christian worldview, even taking what counts as Christian fairly broadly. That happened this week with an interesting post on the Holocaust by someone I don't think is even a Christian, and the post made it into the Christian Carnival forum, which was designed in part for situations like this. That way we can promote the post while not including it in a carnival that it doesn't belong in. The link to the post can be found here, but you will probably need to create a username and password to access it.
Oh, and submissions were a little low this week. In the interest of promoting a wider group of blogs than just those who submitted posts, and perhaps making some new blogs aware of it as they excessively check their site meter, I've made use of my executive privilege as host and added a few ringers, all of them posts I thought worthy of inclusion despite their authors' lack of interest in including them. See if you can guess which ones they are.
In Romans 1:18 to 3:20 the Apostle Paul lays out the horrific doctrine of condemnation—ALL of us are guilty of sin, and NONE of us can stand in the presence of our Holy God because of it. If Paul stopped writing there we would be without hope, but in Romans 3:21-5:11 he describes God's gift of justification. For more, see Ann Shorb's PARDON ME! at Christian Counseling & Educational Services.
This week at Light Along the Journey John speaks of an old hymn, Dr. Seuss, and John Piper in the post Enlarging My Soul.
Biblical Study/Commentary
Richard H. Anderson presents Sentence Omitted posted at dokeo kago grapho soi kratistos theophilos, discussing the lawsuit mode of speech in the prophets.
Elisheva presents Using an Oil Press to Try to Understand the Agony of Jesus posted at Got Bible?.
Christian Life, with some interesting information about olive oil and its relevance for Luke 22.
Chasing the Wind presents Love Wholeheartedly, a study of Malachi 1. Do you love God with all your heart, or are you just going through the motions? God doesn't want a half-hearted effort; He would prefer we just nail the church doors shut and go home.
At it seems to me..., Bruce Alderman gives us a Bible Translations Update, looking at the New American Conservative Bible and the New Progressive Translation. Do we really need this many translations? Does this post really belong in this category? Do you dare try to get through Bruce's post without laughing? Be sure you read Bruce's previous post (the one the "connections" link goes to).
Rhymes With Right presents An Interesting Morning, a sermon based on Hebrews 11 and Luke 12.
Philosophical Orthodoxy's post Dispensationalism and the Interpretation of Scripture Part 1: Two Kinds of Hermenuetic discusses the similarity of Liberal and Dispensationalist interpretation of scripture on the one hand and their differences from a more reasonable method of interpretation.
At Participatory Bible Study Blog, The Story in Scripture discusses how a scripture passage is part of many stories, all of which can contribute to meaning.
Lingamish wraps up the Grasshopper Greek series on New Testament Greek for beginners with a three-part post on lenses that help us see the original message. There's also a surprise at the end.
Christian Living
Diane R gives us CFW Shops at Crossroads: Where Faith and Inquiry Meet, the last in a series looking at how Christians and churches can really help Africa and other developing countries. CFW shops were discussed on a recent PBS NOW program.
Spurred on by a recent incident of a church in Texas canceling a funeral they'd promised to do when they found out the dead guy was gay, John at Brain Cramps for God says We Need to Get Over This, referring to the obsession within much of Christianity with homosexuality (or the homosexual lifestyle or homosexual sex) as some special class of sin.
Don Bosch road-tripped from Newport RI to Coopersburg PA this weekend. He was following up on an offer by Pastor Rick Paashaus of Calvary Bible Fellowship Church to participate in their summer Sunday School series on current events by leading a session on Christian ecology. The story of his trip, a photo or two, and some related ramblings are at The Evangelical Ecologist this week in Visit to Calvary Church.
Pseudo-Polymath presents 8 Propositions on Sex and the Church, an enumerated list of personal reflections on sex and its relationship with the modern Church.
In Branding the Church, The View frm Her makes some observations about what church marketing plans are really "selling" -- the Gospel or the church? And is either one inherently wrong?
Exhaustion has apparently sent The Bible Archive's Rey into a semi-depressing funk where he wonders what kind of teacher he is.
Brian Russell of the Real Meal Blog wrote Key Traits of Missional Leaders: Courage. He shares a story about how his daughter found the courage to face her own fears and then offers application to other leaders serving in the church today.
Maggi Dawn, in Christianity and Church, issues a call not to abadon the church even when our experience of "church" isn't exactly ideal.
Jared Wilson of the Thinklings has a new blog, The Gospel-Driven Church. Check out his post The Entrepreneurial Pastor Trend, on what it means to be a pastor and why the so-called "church growth" movement has the opposite view of pastors.
Have you seen the red A's popping up around the web? The A stands for atheist. Is this a threat? At Hope for Pandora, one Christian says no and welcomes the character's addition to the blogosphere, in The Out Campaign.
So what does a Christian say to someone so alone and directionless, to someone who wishes life had an exit button? See Thinking Christian's thoughts in Hope or No Hope?
Prosthesis has an interesting post on God and Math.
Principled Discovery brings to our awareness some pretty scary sex-ed stuff in Sexual education or sexualization? We're talking advocacy of molestation here.
Romans 15:4 Project presents KUDOS -- Illinois church challenges candidates. Community of Faith Church shines the light of truth into a culture of darkness! May God bless them for their faithfulness and boldness on the abortion issue.
At Right Reason, I discuss Religious Motivations in Politics, which responds to some arguments against Christians using religious motivations to support policies and laws. This post is part of a larger series on Christianity and politics.
In Deals with the Devil, Diary of 1 raises questions about the South Korean government's willingness to pay a ransom to receive hostages back from the Taliban.
Religion and poilitics can be an interesting mixture. How do you vote when the leaders of your country's two major parties claim a Christian belief? At The Journey, Rodney Olson looks at what Christian voters in Australia are facing in Make It Count.
CounterCulture presents The divine emptiness. Ingmar Bergman expressed mankind's spiritual emptiness with great power in his films. Uncounted millions feel the same emptiness, whether they can voice it or not.
The Path of Destruction at Beyond the Rim... presents some thoughts on becoming a culture driven by material acquisition at the expense of our religious/moral center.
At The Faughn Family of Four, a post called ABC "Family" points out that much of what ABC Family shows is really appropriate for kids to watch. I've noticed that myself. Their new tagline is "a new kind of family". Indeed.
At Scriptorium Daily, Paul Spears explains why Harry Potter is Dreadful and Vulgar and why that's a good thing.
The Dawn Patrol questions some common views about sex among young women in She's just not that into what's-his-name.
Late Submissions
The Real Faith presents 1 Corinthians 2.8 -- Ruling on the Rulers. I assign dialogue-format papers for my students, but I'm not sure this is what I'm looking for on those.
Heir to Life sends us Blessed by Intrusion from the Spirited Ink Blog, discussing the Christian's responsibility to rely on the Spirit's wisdom to move beyond superficial conversations to spiritual connections by speaking words of "tender intrusion" into each other's lives, ending with life coaching inquiries for reflecting on truths that God is leading you to live and share.
Lofitribe offers some thoughts on Mke Erre's book The Jesus of Suburbia.
Ann at Christian Counseling & Educational Services reflects on a missed opportunity in Hope.
Weekend Fisher expolains why "love your neighbor" is not an optional teaching. [This post was submitted on time, but it was in my spam folder for some reason. I'm putting it here so it won't get missed by people who read the above parts of the Carnival already.]
The Problem with Capitalism at faithdoubt asks how Christians should relate to capitalism.


teeny misspelling of grasshopper... but thanks for helping sort out my dead end links!

Man, Bruce Alderman's post on new Bible translations was great.

Hi there

I'd sent a post in and gotten a receipt before the deadline, but don't see it here. It was definitely from a Christian perspective. Did I end up in the spam box again?

Thanks for hosting!

Anne, I'm not sure what happened. I never saw one from you, and it's not in the spam filter either.

Great carnival Jeremy. Thanks for all the work

Hi there Jeff... Great idea! I learned about you from Arris Charles (Spirited Ink). When will you be doing this again?? I'd love to submit an article!

Lisa, the Christian Carnival is a weekly event. The host changes every week, but the submissions address remains constant from week to week. I post announcements about it every Sunday, so you can check back after then for instructions on how to submit.

Who's Jeff?

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