Augustine on Civil Government: Authority

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The next post in my series at Right Reason is up, entitled Augustine on Civil Government: Authority. This post moves a little more into socio-political issues. The next post will be my last on Augustine's own views, finally getting to the main question of Christians and civil government, and then I'll move on to a contemporary focus and how I'd extend the basic Augustinian view to the sitution of an evangelical Christian in the United States today (i.e. my own case).


By the way, Jeremy, I wonder if you might please recommend a good English translation of City of God? Kind thanks.

I use the Penguin edition myself, which uses the Bettenson translation. It's the easiest-to-read translation at a reasonable enough price for me to be willing to assign to introductory philosophy students given that they also have to buy several other books, and I want to keep the cost down. If you're willing to spend a little more money (about $25 instead of $16), I think the R.W. Dyson Cambridge edition might be much better. I haven't looked at it extensively, but what I've seen looks great. It's the only complete translation in contemporary English, and it's not aimed at a popular audience. That might actually be the best of both worlds, but again I haven't looked at it extensively.

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