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I normally link to pictures of the kids whenever Sam puts them up, but I saved these for later posting and forgot about them in the aftermath of my intensive two-week Human Nature course at the end of last month. They're not as interesting as some of the pictures Sam's managed to take of our kids, but Sophia's always cute, and it's a nice big-hair moment without any of the gussying-up her mommy usually gives her. She's wearing the purple pajamas that she wanted to wear 24/7 for about two weeks straight. She got mad whenever we tried to put anything else on her, even if she knew full well that the purple pajamas were wet. Now she's got some similar pink ones, which had a similar phase, and she isn't fully as attached to the two pairs anymore.


First of all, I wish I could have put money on the philosopher naming his daughter Sophia.

Second, I've wished your wife would put more pictures of the kids up, they're adorable. I hope to meet them someday. Well, meeting you and Sam would be nice too...

There's another grad student in my department with a daughter named Sophia. She's a bit younger, but I don't think he knew that we'd named our daughter Sophia.

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