Christian Carnival hosting schedule

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Here is the updated schedule for Christian Carnival hosting. If you're interested in hosting in September, please let me know.

#177: June 20 The Evangelical Ecologist
#178: June 27 Chasing the Wind
#179: July 4 Participatory Bible Study Blog
#180: July 11 Everyday Liturgy
#181: July 18 Mere Orthodoxy
#182: July 25 Brain Cramps for God
#183: Aug 1 Crossroads
#184: Aug 8 The Bible Archive
#185: Aug 15 Parableman
#186: Aug 22 Chasing the Wind
#187: Aug 27 Imago Dei


Your links to Chasing the Wind are broken.

Fixed! Thanks, Peter.

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    The Parablemen are: , , and .



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