Hermione Photoshopped

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J.K. Rowling regularly speaks against this sort of thing. It's one thing to photshop women as a matter of course to increase their bust size and thin their waist. Not that it's not immoral with adult women, but it seems to me to be a completely different matter to do it with someone who is underage (just turned 17, probably 16 when she took the picture) who is portraying someone even more underage (15 at the beginning of the movie, 16 at the end).

Several of the commenters have already made this point, but I'll make it again here. If whoever was responsible for this perverse act doesn't think Emma Watson is attractive enough to teenagagers as she is, then our culture's standards of beauty have become even more warped than I had thought (and I've long thought them to be pretty twisted). We already tell girls in too many ways that they're not good enough unless they look like Emma Watson. Now it turns out even Emma Watson isn't even good enough as she is.

Update: More here. I've also now linked above to Rowling's own rant against this sort of thing.

Update 2: Warner Brothers claims that they didn't authorize this. They've asked IMAX to remove it from their site. 


I agree with you about Emma but do wonder where you think our impossible-to-attain beauty standards started in the first place? It's acceptable to do such things to adult women and has been acceptable to do them to teenagers and children for quite some time; I suppose this is just one of the first times (but hardly the first) it's so obvious.

Besides, Emma's just about the right age - borderline too old, but she'd do - to be featured as a model in anti-wrinkling advertisments for women 20 and 30 years her senior. I worked in the business for five years, I should know.

I do agree that it's horrible to do such a thing to a young teenager who is possibly already unhappy because she doesn't even look like the girl onscreen, and certainly doesn't help her. But it's really an across-the-board issue that started with adult women. Its trickle down to teenagers and children was inevitable.

I'm not sure exactly the details of how they might have gotten going, but I think we can observe how they've gradually moved along a spectrum in the last few decades. Little bitty things add up. Compare the models of the 60s and then move ahead a decade at a time. Part of it is technology, and part of it is the ability to find more people more easily and to distribute pictures of people more easily. But it's a movement along a continuum.

Outrageous! Thanks for posting this.

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