Exit Strategy

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Scrappleface offers a plan for Moktada Al-Sadr to undermine the basis of the U.S. presence in Iraq. Stop giving the infidels an excuse to be there by no longer doing the things they keep using as a justification for the occupation. So stop killing people, blowing things up, and refusing to participate in the democratic order. Channel all that energy into positive venues like cleaning up litter and doing good deeds for your neighbor. Maybe all the money used to buy weapons could help rebuilding all the damage the insurgency has caused.


This strategy assumes that Al-Sadr really wants the US (and us Brits) to leave Iraq quickly. He might in fact privately want to prolong the occupation because the longer it continues the stronger his position might become. Indeed probably the best strategy for him is to continue and intensify his efforts in the expectation that the US resolve to fight will eventually be broken and he will be hailed in Iraq as its saviour. And the best strategy for the US is to break its resolve to fight as soon as possible, because every day that it continues to fight the chance of Al-Sadr being hailed as saviour of Iraq increases.

Scrappleface is a satire/humor site.

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