Danny Pierce on Premillenialism

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My second cousin Danny Pierce has put together some of his reasons for being a premillenialist. I'm an amillenialist, but I'm open to a premillenialism like the kind he advocates.


I found in seminary that most amillennialists won't argue too much against my view. I think that dispensationalists have essentially commandeered the title "premillennialists" in the minds of most people, which is rather unfortunate. It's funny, though, as I was teaching through Revelation a few weeks back, I inadvertently convinced one girl of the amill position. Oops.

On a related note, we need to get an official ruling on millennial spelling. I always spelled it the way you do in this post, "millenial" with one "n." I always thought this was the proper spelling. Then Beale goes and spells it with two "n"'s in his commentary. I suppose this is an argument for a Protestant magesterium.

Well, a onelook.com search turns up only one dictionary entry for the one-n spelling, and it's from 1828. So perhaps that's just an archaic spelling. For some reason it's the one I naturally came up with even after looking at your post. With just 'millennial', the one-n spelling doesn't look right at all. Weird.

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