The Ten Western Commandments

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The latest Veggie Tales video, Moe and the Big Exit, tells the story of the exodus from Egypt in a Western setting. The whole thing is pretty funny, but one of my favorite moments is at the very end, when they list the ten commandments as they might have been given in the old West:

1. Y'all have no other gods b'fore Me.
2. No makin' idols.
3. When y'all use my name, y'better mean it.
4. Lay off the trail one day a week.
5. Mind yer ma and pa.
6. No killin' folks.
7. Dance with who brung ya.
8. No swipin'.
9. No lyin'.
10. No hankerin' for things that ain't yours.


yeah, it made me laugh more than my kids.

I haven't seen this one yet! (Yes, I watch Veggie Tales regularly - no, I don't have children.) I particularly like number 7.

7 was my favorite too, but I also really like 3, 5, and 10.

I watched Veggie Tales and owned several episodes years before I was even thinking about kids. I may even have had some before I met my wife.

I love Veggie Tales (so does my daughter.) This is one of the few we don't have. I'm going to buy it.

Many I have the Veggie Tales theme song stuck on replay forever in my head!! Good thing I like them.

Its time for V E G I E T aa aaaa aa aaaaa llll es.

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