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I think we've gotten to a point where enough people want to continue the Christian Carnival despite no word from its ongoing manager (see here). I don't want to usurp anything from Dory, but we've now had two weeks go by without a Christian Carnival. Here's what I'd like to do. I'd like to see what we can do at least temporarily about having some continuing Christian Carnivals. If time goes on, and we still don't hear from Dory, maybe we can gradually work together a structure for its continuing without her. But for now I want to say that, assuming she has been detained from internet activities for some reason and can return, we should reserve this role for her if she wants to continue in it and doesn't foresee future problems in carrying out its responsibilities.

With that in mind, I'd like to try to organize a list of people who can host for the next couple months, and we could stick with this list even if she returns, because I strongly suspect she hasn't gotten together a list beyond the carnivals that actually happened, or we would have heard from those hosts. So if you're interested in hosting a Christian Carnival in the next two to three months, please let me know and tell me any preferences you have about which weeks you can host. We'll set it up so people will send submissions directly to you, at least for now. I think it would be a good idea to allow people to submit posts from over a three-week period of time for the next one, just so those posts have the opportunity to be in some Christian Carnival. But then we should resume doing them one week at a time.


I just commented in the other post, but figured I would here as well to cover my bases: I will host next week. If people want to send submissions (I would say any posts from the last two weeks would be acceptable too) to me at or I will get them up next Wednesday.

Should it be carnival CLXX or CLVIII?

Slot me in wherever you need me.

You can slate me in for a June hosting. I'm detained in April and May due to school obligations unfortunately.

I can host whenever you need me next

Thanks to all those volunteering to host. It's probably better to email me if you'd like to host (see the link in the header above) and reserve this comment thread for more substantive discussion.

Also, there's no need to leave essentially the same comment on two posts. I see all comments that get successfully left on this blog, no matter how old the post is.

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