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I usually put up a notice for the upcoming Christian Carnival on Sundays, but I'm not sure what's going on with the Christian Carnival at this point. The schedule on Dory's blog has run out. I don't know if anyone was scheduled to host last week, but I never managed to find it if it happened. Dory hasn't responded to the email I sent her. The Blog Carnival submission engine has removed the Christian Carnival from its active carnivals, because no one was updating where it was each week (and only the registered carnival-runner can update it, as far as I've been able to tell).

So I don't know what's going on with the Christian Carnival. If anyone has any information I don't have, please update me. I'm not going to plug carnivals that I don't have any good reason to think will happen. Last week's apparently non-existent Christian Carnival and my unreturned email are enough for me to wonder whether anyone is planning to host this week who is or will be set up to receive posts via the usual Christian Carnival submission email address.


I emailed Dory, as well, with no reply. Christian Carnival is fairly popular with the regulars, so I'm more than a little surprised that things aren't happening right now.

I wonder what happened/is happening, too.

It's a good bit of work to do a Carnival post, I'm sure, and maybe people just got tired of doing it.

No, there have been people volunteering to host. The problem here is that the person who runs the carnival hasn't assembled (to my knowledge) the next set of hosts and isn't responding to email or forwarding the submission email to any hosts. Something's probably going on in her real life to prevent her from spending much time online, as has happened at least once in the past. I know she'd begun working on the schedule, because she assigned me a date to host after the semester ends, I believe in May (although I can't find that email).

We may, if we want it to continue, simply have to re-establish it and make it so.

I have been thinking about this for a few days; and I cannot step into Dory's shoes - although I can continue to host as frequently as need be especially in the beginning.

Can anybody else?

I could host as well. And since I already have the Christian Carnival Archive setup, I could easily add future hosts at the top of that page to keep things running.

The difficulty here is that only Dory has the forwarding control of the CC gmail account. Any thoughts?

I can help reestablish the carnival if no one wishes to step up. While I started the whole thing and passed it on to flourish I've always kept an eye on it from time to time. I was sorta wondering what happened...

I think we'd just need to set up a new account unless she told anyone else the password. It's easy just to have someone else find and arrange hosts. We'd need a new mailing list too unless you have the password for the current one, Nick.

I don't recall it off-hand.

My biggest issue right now is time. I am limited in how much I can spare, hence the reason I had to pass the Carnival off in the first place. I can help get it started again but I will also have as my ultimate goal the passing of it to another host, whether it be Dory again who has done great things with the CC, or to another.

It sounded as if Matt was willing at least to list the hosts. Maybe he'd be willing to organize the hosts too, or maybe someone else would need to do that. I'd be willing to if he doesn't want to. I just don't want to deal with the technical end of setting up the email list or switching the forwarding address every week. Or maybe we could do it the way most carnivals do and just have people send submissions to a different address every week.

I will be starting up grad school again in the summer so my time will definitely be quite limited. I don't mind keeping the archive running with links to upcoming hosts, but I don't think I would have the time to arrange it all... but I could definitely do it if needed.

Is there any way that everything could be done completely from the Christian Carnival Google Groups list?

My understanding is that Dory prevented anyone from posting messages to that mailing list except for her and whoever the current host was. I know that every message I sent had to be approved by her, and once one didn't get through for a few days. I've sent a message, anyway, so we'll see if it works. If it does, we can keep using that means of communication.

One way or the other, I'll put in a call for hosts, particularly someone who wants to step in at the last minute and host next week if anyone wants to do that. If enough people spread the word, perhaps we can do it without the list.

I will host next week. If people want to send their submissions to I will get them up next Wednesday. I suppose we could include posts from the last two weeks as well since there were never any carnivals to cover that time period.

So should I call it CLXX or go back to CLVIII (which is the first one missed)?

I can help with the list as long as someone can help get the word out. Since I've been gone from blogging for as long as I had been I'm not visited as much anymore.

OK, Matt. We'll go with you next week, since you're the first volunteer. I've now got two hosts beyond that, but I'll wait a few days to see if people really want specific weeks before I assign weeks beyond the next one. We definitely should include posts from the last two weeks before this, but I don't think we should take more than one post per author. It would get too big too quickly if we did that.

I think we should go with the next number, which I believe is CLXVIII. We didn't really miss a carnival. We just took longer to get the next one up. We did skip a number back when Adrian Warnock was supposed to host and then couldn't at the last minute for family reasons (I believe), but we didn't allow people to submit those posts again the next time. We just treated it as if the carnival happened with the submitted posts but no one ever saw it. I think that was Nick's decision. Since Dory has been doing it, she's just hosted every time someone else couldn't host, so it hasn't happened since Adrian's one skipped week until now.

I'll put a post up on Sunday as I usually do with the submission instructions and an indication that posts can be from any time within the three-week period are ok.

Put me on the list to host whenever you need me now.

BTW: occasionally I still get a confirmation from the old distribution list that was replaced by the GoogleGroups one.

Anyone remember that email address and want to pop a test email into it.

Thanks to all those volunteering to host. It's probably better to email me if you'd like to host (see the link in the header above) and reserve this comment thread for more substantive discussion.

Also, there's no need to leave essentially the same comment on two posts. I see all comments that get successfully left on this blog, no matter how old the post is.

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