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This is a list of the current and forthcoming commentaries in the New American Commentary (NAC). For a chronological list according to publication date, see here. For more series, see my post on commentary series. This series is published by Broadman and Holman, and thus its commitments will reflect those of the current people behind that publisher, who are conservative Southern Baptists. Not every commentator in the series is a dispensationalist SBC type (e.g. a few are Reformed Baptists with other eschatological perspectives), but all volumes can be expected to affirm inerrancy and to have contemporary relevance in mind. The aim is to be mid-level, less depth than the New International Commentary series (and even a little less than the Pillar New Testament Commentary) but much more expansive than the Tyndale series and most other expositional commentaries. Some of the volumes seem to leave much of the scholarship in footnotes and just give a running exposition. Others are more detailed in exegetical rigor in the main text. All are fairly readable to those without strong seminary training, and some are quite excellent. Most of them spend more time on theology than is common in more detailed series. The series is mostly complete now, with Psalms, Isaiah, Zechariah, I Corinthians, Ephesians, Hebrews, and Revelation left to be published. Here are the volumes that are out:

Genesis 1:1-11:26, Kenneth Mathews (1996)
Genesis 11:27-50:26, Kenneth Mathews (2005)
Exodus, Douglas Stuart (2006)
Leviticus, Mark Rooker (2000)
Numbers, R. Dennis Cole (2000)
Deuteronomy, Eugene Merrill (1994)
Joshua, David Howard (1998)
Judges-Ruth, Daniel Block (1999)
Samuel, Robert Bergen (1996)
Kings, Paul House (1995)
Chronicles, John A. Thompson (1994)
Ezra-Nehemiah-Esther, Mervin Breneman (1993)
Job, Robert Alden (1993)
Proverbs-Ecclesiastes-Songs, Duane Garrett (1993)
Jeremiah-Lamentations, F.B. Huey (1993)
Ezekiel, Lamar Cooper (1994)
Daniel, Stephen Miller (1994)
Hosea-Joel, Duane Garrett (1997)
Amos-Obadiah-Jonah, Billy K. Smith and Frank S. Page (1995)
Micah, Kenneth Barker and Nahum-Habakkuk-Zephaniah, Waylon Bailey (1998)
Haggai, Richard A. Taylor and Malachi, E. Ray Clendenen (2004)

Matthew, Craig Blomberg (1992)
Mark, James A. Brooks (1991)
Luke, Robert Stein (1992)
John, Gerald Borchert (1996, 2002)
Acts, John Polhill (1992)
Romans, Robert Mounce (1995)
II Corinthians, David Garland (1999)
Galatians, Timothy George (1994)
Philippians-Colossians-Philemon, Richard Melick (1991)
Thessalonians, D. Michael Martin (1995)
Pastorals, Thomas Lea and Hayne Griffin (1992)
James, Kurt Richardson (1997)
I-II Peter/Jude, Thomas Schreiner (2003)
I-III John, Daniel Akin (2001)

Forthcoming volumes:
Psalms 1-89, Robert Cole
Psalms 90-150, Jerry Shepherd
Isaiah 1-39, Gary Smith (March 2007)
Isaiah 40-66, Gary Smith
Zechariah, George Klein (August 2007)
I Corinthians, Mark Taylor
Ephesians, Paul Wolfe
Hebrews, David L. Allen
Revelation, Paige Patterson


I love the commentary work you guys do (reviews, forthcoming, etc). I've linked it to my blog.


There's only one of me, but thanks.

Your listing for Haggai-Malachi seems to mix-up the authors, at least the way I read it.

Haggai is by Taylor and Malachi by Clendenon.

I haven't read the Haggai portion, but Clendenon's Malachi is very helpful.

Don Johnson
Jer 33.3

I'm not sure how that happened, but I've fixed it.

If anyone knows where I can buy this whole series in book form, please email me at Thanks a lot.


I'm sure you can buy the whole series as a set from CBD. They just don't list it in every catalog. If nothing else, there's always the publisher.

Do you know what the story is on the NAC on Revelation? This book was supposedly published in 2000 but has not been released.Any information on why it hasn't?

No, I'm as unclear on this as you are. Some sites, including Amazon, have at times treated it as if it was once published. My guess is that the publisher had assigned a publication date but that it never appeared, and once that date was passed it was treated as if it had been released. But that's no more than a guess. Paige Patterson is supposed to be writing it, and he's a busy man, so it may be nothing more than that it's taking much longer than anyone expected. That happens a lot with commentaries.

You show that Isaiah 40-66 by Gary Smith is complete, but I do not see it for sale anywhere. Is this book available?

I never said it was complete. I just had a predicted due date that I'd seen listed somewhere, and that due date came and went without the volume appearing. I've removed the predicted date now, since it's obviously not the right date.

Just to let you know, both volumes of Isaiah and the volume for Zechariah have been published.

Hebrews has also been published.

I joined the NAC book club years ago and am sent each volume as it comes out. I have all volumes now, except Psalms, I Corinthians, and Ephesians. I am awaiting a response from LifeWay Christian Resources as to when or if these volumes will be published.

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