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I was going to post something substantial today, either the next post in the Theories of Knowledge and Reality series or what I've been wanting to put together on inerrancy and infallibility, but last night I became what can only be described as violently ill. I'm much better now, but that just means I'm not violently ill anymore. I think it was the pizza I ate at the dissertation workshop I was commenting on yesterday, since no one else in the family is sick, and we've all been eating the same foods otherwise.

But it's nice in times like these to see things like this. [Hint: you can alter the URL, and it gives accordingly altered results.]

Maybe I'll feel better enough later on to post something else, but I'm not having an easy time motivating myself to do anything of much import.


I am praying for your soon recovery.

Jeremy, while you're recovering from bad pizza (which may very well be a contradiction in my book--I would blame the dissertation workshop) go watch the last spiderman 3 trailer.


I'm such a geek.

And that Mighty site was ridiculously cool.

Reminds me of the "motivational tapes" from the Veggie Tales Jonah movie.

The worm/caterpillar has these tapes that say things like "you are powerful and assertive" and he repeats after them. After a while the tape says "you are a skilled metal worker" and he exclaims "I am a skilled metal worker - I did not know that!"

I'm pretty sure Al Franken's Stuart Smalley character from SNL was the inspiration both for this and for Khalil's motivational tapes. Franken's a pretty smart and insightful comic when he's not being the Ann Coulter of the left.

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