GOP Bloggers Straw Poll, March 2007

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Interesting results. As one travels around the web it certainly appears that Fred Thompson is the blososphere's candidate.

Well, there's a lot of interest in him right now. We'll see if it continues once people realize that he's not at all the candidate that everyone has been saying the current field doesn't have. That candidate probably doesn't even exist, but Thompson isn't even close to being that candidate. Like Romney, he was pro-choice at the beginning of his political career. Like McCain, he was a sponsor of McCain-Feingold. Like the other senators in the race, he has no executive experience. He does have the face recognition as an actor, and he does come across as a good-ol'-boy, so some people feel safer with him, but that's not enough to absolve the people who refuse to countenance Romney as a real conservative from the responsibility to treat Thompson the same way. Yet they don't see their inconsistency.

For the record, I think he'd be a pretty good president from what I know about him, and he's probably my #2 after Romney, but that's based on very little knowledge of a senator who basically didn't do a lot legislatively and who has associations with a couple things I'm not excited about. It may turn out that Thompson's less conservative side will include being closer to me on some of the issues I think Romney is too conservative on (e.g. gay marriage). If there's enough of that, and he's closer to my own views on several things, while Romney is closer on others then I'd still go with Romney because of his executive experience and outside the beltway background. But I could see further information making me happier about Thompson enough that he could become my favorite. That's not the case at this point, though.

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