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I have a substantive post I've been thinking through for a week now that I really wanted to get to today (well, yesterday now) that I hope to do tomorrow. My computer's power switch isn't working, but it should be fixed tomorrow (or rather later today). I also had my dissertation clarification today (well, yesterday now), which for those non-academics reading this is the meeting when my dissertation committee gets together with me to go over my project, make sure what I'm working on will count as a good dissertation project, run through things I should think about or include that I don't have in my proposal, and tell me which things I intend to do that would be a waste of time or not worth doing at least in this project.

One note of interest: My advisor's email to me informing me when my clarification was supposed to be never got sent because of some network issue with her computer at the hotel she was at when she tried to send it, but she thought it had gotten through. So I didn't find out until this morning when the department secretary sent out a reminder email that turned out to inform me that I was supposed to be doing my clarification in six hours, with most of the time in between at the other campus I teach at without my dissertation stuff (and with some of the important dissertation stuff sitting on a hard drive that I can't access, including an important email from a committee member who is out of town this semester, although I managed to get him to email it again).

But I was really ready for this a couple weeks ago and didn't really have to present anything. It was mostly the committee getting themselves on the same page and making sure they agreed that their varying suggestions were all good or at least accurately based in what I intend to do. So there weren't any real problems because of the mistake, and my advisor suggested to me afterward that it was probably easier for me to find out at the last minute, because it's not as if I needed any more time to prepare, and if I'd known I probably would have been affected by its looming approach the whole weekend. That may well be true. Isn't it funny how what seems to be an urgent last-minute crisis can turn out to be a gift in disguise?

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