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I've been without my computer for nine days now. I had several hours Tuesday afternoon and late evening to enjoy it before it died again, and Dell has now replaced my motherboard twice and my memory once. They were supposed to do this Friday, but they didn't get the parts in time to show up, so they put it off until today, only for it to have no effect. Dell's now decided to have me ship off my computer to a depot, where they will almost certainly wipe my hard drive without allowing me any way to back up anything on it, since I can't boot up my computer. So I have to see if I can get Sam's computer to boot up with my hard drive. Her old one wouldn't, but perhaps her new one will. Otherwise I have to try to get my own computer to load up for longer than the couple minutes it stays active before freezing up, see if I can upload a huge file for my email to some online source or direct connect to another computer, and then copy several files I really don't want to lose but haven't backed up in a while.

Also, I stepped on a nail last night, which got embedded about 3 cm into my foot, and I had to teach this morning before going to the doctor to get my tetanus shot, who told me to keep my foot soaked the entire time I'm home for the next few days, which isn't easy when the kids are trying to overrun me and Isaiah is trying to play with the water I'm soaking my foot in (and the kids have no school this week, so it will be constant). Then I left my lights on when I came home this afternoon, and my charger took a half hour to charge the battery enough to start the engine, with just enough time to go through the Burger King drive through before attending the last class on race my advisor is giving in her seminar this semester, which she thought I ought to be at (and in retrospect I think she was right).

So no real posting today, and given that I'm trying to finish grading some papers this week (which has also been set back quite a bit by the boys' snow days and will continue to be set back by their vacation this week) and given the time I might have to spend backing up my computer if I can actually succeed in a method of doing that, I may not have the time in the next few days to do much.


Man, these types of times are a pain in the...well, the foot I guess. Ugh, what a horrid joke.

Actually, I've got more pain in my shoulder right now from the tetanus shot. Neither is seriously limiting, but the foot only hurts a little when I walk. My shoulder is sore whenever I move my arm.

The computer problems are the real pain. I get my system booted up, get a few files copied to CD, and then it freezes or restarts. Then after seven or eight attempts, it reboots again only to freeze just before I can do anything. Every hour I so I might be able to save another folder or so of documents. I'm dreading trying to open Outlook so I can back up my email. That's a huge file, and I may never be able to get it all in one shot (which is the only way to get it).

Moving your hard drive to another compy might be your best bet but in the meantime if the computer stays on for about a minute you might be able to locate outlook's pst file that has all that info in it (should be something like C:\Documents And Settings\username\Local Settings\Applications Data\ Microsof\ Outlook\ Outlook.pst and probably after you view invisibles). If you locate it, you should be able to get the hd into another computer and copy those files and use them as long as it's the same version of outlook and as long as you overwrite the ones that are in the other computer.

Sometimes it lasts much longer than a minute. I had it running for almost a half hour a couple hours ago. Then it froze up doing a simple refresh of a directory. I've never been able to get the PST file to work unless I generate it via an export function. I've done this before when I transferred from one working computer to another. That's why I think I have to do a specific export to make sure it's the current PST and working with all the preferences included.

I know that Microsoft had a .PST Backup Utility but I think it was set to do automatic backups; not sure if it can do a one shot backup and make the files restorable on another compy.

It gets worse. I opened Outlook, and the program couldn't find my PST file. I wonder if my data has been corrupted due to too many bootups that weren't successful. I'd be surprised that it would affect that, though, since I haven't been opening Outlook. It was open when the original problem occurred, but I've had my computer shut off with Outlook open before with no problems.

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